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    "I'm 18-Volt. My hobby is music! Check it out!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: A great gamer friend to 9-Volt who loves games
    Age: 9
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: James Anderson (2004-2008)
    Edward Bosco (2018-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: WarioWare

    18-Volt is one of the main characters of the WarioWare spin-off series. He is a friend to 9-Volt who shares the same interests as him. He is introduced in WarioWare: Twisted!, and he is a student at Diamond City Elementary.


    Why He's A Great Gamer Friend To 9-Volt

    1. For starters, he is a great friend to 9-Volt, as they share the same interests, as mentioned above. They both love gaming and Nintendo, where 18-Volt loves music. His abilities to play Nintendo games are very interesting. They also play video games a lot after they leave Diamond City Elementary School. 5-Volt also does not let 9-Volt play video games after his bedtime, though he oftentimes gets caught.
    2. Most of his minigames are fun and creative, as they are Nintendo minigames. He also sometimes shares his minigames with 9-Volt. Especially his Jet 18Volt minigames.
    3. His voice actors do great jobs voicing him, such as:
      • James Anderson does a great job voicing him in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
      • Edward Bosco does a great job voicing him, with him providing a deep voice that fits 18-Volt pretty well. In the Japanese versions of the WarioWare games, he speaks in Hakata dialect. He even has several other voice actors in different languages.
    4. He's a great rapper, as he is shown rapping with 13-Amp after she stole Raphie's Nintendo 3DS, and he manages to win it back if the player wins. The song can even be played in the game.
    5. In WarioWare: Get It Together!, he is one of the playable characters and sits in one place, he can shoot discs and climb on things.
    6. His design is pretty great, especially since he is a large kid.
    7. 18-Volt can be pretty funny at times.
    8. He at least cares about the people around him, especially 18-Volt.

    Bad Qualities

    1. His age can be confusing. Despite being nine years old, he is a pretty large kid.
    2. His gums in the earlier WarioWare games can look creepy.
    3. He started off as a huge butt-monkey in the franchise, ranging from playing loud music in school to destroying 9-Volt's Mr. Game & Watch. He was massively redeemed in WarioWare Gold where he gained his character development.



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