13-Amp is a secondary character from the WarioWare franchise, and she first appears in WarioWare Gold.

"You wanna take that gamble, then hey, let's go. Enough preamble. Time for the show."
Gender: Female
Type: Self-proclaimed "rapping phenomenon"
Age: 13
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Cristina Vee
Status: Alive
Media of origin: WarioWare


WarioWare: Gold

13-Amp first appears when she takes Raphie’s Nintendo 3DS. 18-Volt then challenges her to a rap battle. She also loses against 18-Volt, and is completely shocked.

WarioWare: Get It Together!

13-Amp makes a few appearances here and there in WarioWare: Get It Together!

Why She's A "Rapping Phenomenon" And Is Our 13-Amp

  1. To start off, she has a fun battle with 18-Volt, as they do a rapping battle and he tries to get back the Nintendo 3DS that she stole from Ralphie.
  2. Her design looks very impressive, as she has a lot to do at high school, cute, and attractive, especially her white shirt and pink hat that says "13". She even has puckered lips.
  3. 13-Amp has great rapping skills, and her song, "18-Volt and 13-Amp's Rap Battle", is such a catchy song in WarioWare: Gold.
  4. She can be seen as pretty relatable, as she recently moved to Diamond City in WarioWare: Gold, and a text message reveals that she has trouble making friends, and her mother says that people think of her as the "quiet, bookish type". She also doesn't tell her parents that she is a rapper and keeps it a secret from them, as she thinks her parents might not approve of it.
  5. Cristina Vee (who also voices 5-Volt) does a great job voicing her.
  6. In WarioWare: Get It Together!, she is seen in several images in 18-Volt's gallery.
  7. In WarioWare: Move It!, she is added as a playable character, as she appears in a picture with the rest of the cast, and she plays a larger role than WarioWare: Gold and WarioWare: Get It Together!.
  8. 13-Amp at least is a nice person and cares for her friends, such as 5-Volt and 18-Volt.
  9. 13-Amp is greatly animated.

Bad Qualities

  1. She can be mean-spirited at times, such as her stealing Ralphie's Nintendo 3DS. Although it makes sense since her personality comes off as a bully, fortunately she gets character development later on.
  2. For some reason, despite appearing in WarioWare: Move It!, she is not playable in any of the modes, which is completely disappointing. You could replace her with someone else (Fronk, Pyoro, Joe, Jimmy P, Doris 1, etc) and everything would stay the same.



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