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Yoshi the Dinosaur
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Gender: Male
Type: Helpful and Dog-Level Loyal Dinosaur-like ally
Age: TBA
Species: Yoshi
Portrayed by:

  • Chika Sakamoto (Super Mario World: Mario to Yoshi no Bōken Land)
  • Andrew Sebastian (Super Mario World cartoon)
  • Kazumi Totaka (1997–present)
  • TBA (The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2)

Status: Alive
Media of origin: Super Mario


Yoshi (or T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas) is a major and supporting character of the Mario franchise, and the main protagonist of the Yoshi spin-off series. He is Mario's best friend and has helped to protect him since he was a baby.

Why He's A Gentle, Fleet-of-Foot Dinosaur

  1. He's deemed as one of Nintendo's cutest characters, along with Kirby and Pikachu.
  2. He has a pretty creative design, especially for Mario standards.
  3. Yoshi has a protective and determined demeanor, helping Mario get back with his brother when they were babies.
  4. He is extremely loyal and grateful, thanking Mario every time he's rescued from being trapped in an egg and will do anything to fight by his side no matter what.
    • There is also a Baby Yoshi named Mini-Yoshi in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door who joins Mario after he saves him from being used as a hot dog. This Yoshi is tough-natured, adorable, and is the only partner who can defeat the Armored Harriors.
  5. Like any other Mario character, Yoshi can have a competitive attitude if needed. He will participate in sports, Olympics, and parties and will give it his all.
  6. His abilities are pretty OP (like the flutter jump) and/or fun to watch (like how he can swallow enemies and encase them in eggs).
  7. Yoshi shares great chemistry with characters such as Mario. In fact, they can be well considered as best friends.
  8. He can cooperate well with other dinosaurs and Yoshis.
  9. Yoshi is pretty fast, being faster than both Mario Bros..
  10. He makes a cameo in The Super Mario Bros. Movie in a post-credit scene after the credits roll in the Brooklyn sewers and his egg is showing hatching and he says "Yoshi!!!". According to concept art, he was supposed to have a bigger role, but his bigger role was sadly cut.

Bad Qualities

  1. While he doesn't have any bad moves in Smash Bros games (aside from maybe his Egg Roll), he did look a bit uncanny in Super Smash Bros. Melee as his design looked very skinny.
  2. His egg throw ability was removed in Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, due to the game already having enough gimmicks as is.
  3. He replaced Toad in the Super Mario World cartoon due to the fact that he does not appear in the game. Granted, he was still the same as ever and it wasn't his fault, but it still sucked.


  • He and Dunkey spawned the "Beeg Yoshi" meme.
  • Yoshi is often said to commit tax fraud as a meme on the internet. This meme started as a reply to a post saying that Yoshi has done nothing wrong in his life.


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