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    Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)

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    Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox)
    "I've got you now Star Fox!"
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf
    Portrayed by: Jay Ward
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Star Fox'

    Wolf O'Donnell is the leader of Star Wolf and rival of Fox McCloud. In parallel to Fox and his team, Wolf is also known to go by the name of Star Wolf.

    Why He Rocks

    1. He is the most memorable character and villain in the Star Fox series along with Andross.
    2. Wolf is the perfect foil to Fox, where Fox is good, moral and generous, Wolf is bad, greedy and selfish, and in a good way when compared to one of his former teammates, Pigma.
    3. The eyepatch on his eye is a very fitting touch for his design, which makes him look even more menacing.
    4. His move set in Super Smash Bros. is pretty different to Fox and Falco's but is still great.
    5. He’s likable in every Star Fox game he is in, and even in Command where he was not flanderized and still had his charm.
    6. His rivalry with Fox is great, and he does have respect for his rival.
    7. Despite joining forces with other villains, he’s not afraid to call out his teammates if they do some nasty things that Wolf is against.
      • After Star Fox 2, he kicks Algy off the team for being too merciful and his cold heart.
      • After Star Fox 64, he kicks off 2 of his teammates for their flaws:
        • Andrew Oikonny, because of his terrible pilot skills and constant bragging.
        • The worst member of Star Wolf, Pigma Dengar, due to being too distrustful and greedy (yes even greedier than Wario).
    8. He cares about his closest teammates and will make sure they are ok whenever they get defeated, showing that Wolf does have a heart.
    9. He gets his comeuppance for his villainous actions pretty much every time he gets beaten by the Star Fox team.
    10. His motives changed when the Aparoids invaded Corneria as he rescued Fox and aided Star Fox in their retaliation, showing that just like Bowser and Wario, Wolf can put aside his differences with Fox and work together with him to save the universe from a greater evil. This is best shown when Wolf and his team help Star Fox in the final battle against the Aparoid Queen.
    11. He was well-received by critics and becoming a most recognizable video game villain, among Nintendo's other iconic villains like Bowser, Ganondorf and King K. Rool.
    12. He made a comeback in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

    The Only Bad Quality

    1. While he was a representative in Smash Brawl, he did not return in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U.


    • Wolf technically made his debut in the cancelled Super NES game Star Fox 2 as the boss prior to Andross. In this game, he wore no eyepatch, but there is a large scar that runs across his right eye, which is opposite of the eye that is damaged in his current form.


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