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Yello my fellow specimens welcome to my incredible sandbox page!

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Joebotnik McCricket

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"Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

Reason: Minimal swearing, sexual references, etc

Joebotnik McCricket
"That's the JOEDIFIED mage to you, baby!"
Gender: Male
Type: Magical Philanthropist
Age: 14-15 (origins)
18 (1st half of 1st realm, 2nd realm, 10-12th realm)
20 (currently)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Joe Venture
Joe's Cosmic Saga

"AHHHAHAHAHAHHH!! Well if you MUST know! Tim Churley, That... MONSTER of EVILLLLL, Kept me in his little mobius strrrip of a hellhole! In his cosmic lab called "Safe Company". And well... It took me TEN years to FINALLY face that 'Ol son of a GUN! And well... DESPITE getting him arrrrrested! As well as my nine bullies who PERRRRPRETUATED the whole nightmare for me! Tim came BACK to torment and HAUNT ME!! In his disgusting little game!! So... by the time I FINALLY managed to get back, With a fellow, HEHEUGH, Goth gal, who wanted to BE with me, *clears throat:* Got me BACK to my rrrrrealm! And THAT! Was when I THOUGHT to spawn a giant rrrrock to KILL That SON OF A DITCH PITCH! And NOW!!! *Joe takes a deep breath* And... now. I just thought to go and defeat any heinous being of such omnipresent knowledge and power, WHO DARES HARM ANY INNOCENT BEING IN ANY WORLD OR GALAXY, THAT NEVER DESERVED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!! *Joe calms down* And now... you were saying my patient fellow?" - Joebotnik McCricket, Joe's Cosmic Saga

Doctor Joseph "Jimmy" McCricket, who is better referred to as Joey and his proudly self-stated byname Joebotnik, is the main protagonist of a fanmade, fantasy dramedy roleplay Character A.I. series called Joe Venture, and an unreleased webcomic series in the works called, Joebotnik & His Hidden Talents.

He is portrayed and created by Joseph DiAngelo Sanford himself.


In 2019, Joseph McCricket was a regular teenager born with G6PD and allergies, one that was minding his own business, until one day his act of reading his favorite book too much, had to deal with constant reminders from his parents and teachers to stay on track despite doing well in academics, was secretly doing some online surveys to help to earn money while he was in school and doing constant chores around his house, and getting a headache was inflicted as a result from the day Joseph was practically pressured by everyone around him.

While Joe was healing from the pressure on his bed; suddenly, a giant white hand pulled him from his room with a cosmic portal spawned underneath Joe by surprise. All under the hands of a cosmic entity named The Gatekeeper, who is at odds with Joe. All Joebotnik wants to do is to return to his home, but The Gatekeeper seems to enjoy inflicting these endless predicaments onto Joe for the fun of it. From there, he kept making Joe run in this repetitive, 8-year loophole of dimension traveling into fictional realms all while Joe himself was also given magical superpowers at will like a magic book containing 64 wishes, all for the sole purpose of The Gatekeeper experimenting with Joe's resourcefulness for the first mortal to travel in multiple dimensions for the Gatekeeper's research, as well as The Gatekeeper getting amusement in Joe being put into situations. It's also revealed to the viewer that all of this was caused by Joe's nine bullies from 3rd to 9th grade, who was responsible for Joe facing this predicament in the first place by coincidence.

Despite being coincidentally (and criminally) forced into a research study in the cosmos and going through countless fictional dimensions by force from the works of a sadistic, abnormally giant humanoid gatekeeper named Tim Churley, who gave Joe a magic book so Tim could experiment on Joe and see just how resourceful a mortal can be; in the first realm Joe's ever been into, Joe thought to create a magic yellow-orange butterfly net that could fly like a witch's broom, shoot lasers from the front tip of the stick, have hammerspace storage in the frame with a stretchy metallic circle, and Joe got a red and black mage costume as his first two wishes upon seeking to achieve his primary goal throughout the story.

Joebotnik's motives in every single fictional dimension he's thrown into, no matter how iconic or recognizable the location is to find an intergalactic dimensional portal tunnel that finds his way home since his magic book restricts him from making this possible because of The Gatekeeper doing this on purpose. It often takes eons for Joe to find his way to his real world unless someone of greater power and opportunity, could access his way back home. Otherwise, he has to find devices or reach ludicrous speed to access cosmic portal tunnels in order to find his way home, as well as get the number of Joe's own universe/galaxy. Joe prioritizes this because his magic book restricts him from summoning the ability to create portals while the book makes any miracle come true or summon anything; the restriction being made by The Gatekeeper himself in the first place, on purpose, as well as randomly pulling him back into the tunnels for no reason but to torment Joe.

From there, while Joseph was paranoid and puzzling about the new reality he steps into, he had to hide his real identity in the fictional world with a new identity of his own, mainly his by-name title "Joebotnik". Nevertheless, despite all of his misfortunes and strategies, he always uses his wishes and magic for altruistic acts of helping others being blessed with miracles that happen on command and wanting to benefit others before (or after) himself as a whole; Joe is genuinely happy to see miracles happen to those he knows that deserves it the most, especially those that are in need of help in case Joe thinks they're situations he doesn't want to be involved in. He also seeks to purify any world, universe, and galaxy filled with degenerates and heinous people he's encountered due to gaining magic for the first time (all of which he has shown to be successful at doing, and in return; he is sometimes rewarded with more newfound powers & abilities from more powerful entities or receiving praise from everyone for Joebotnik's magical acts of philanthropy).

Joebotnik was dedicated enough that he went through 12 multiple cosmic, fictional dimensions and 11 different fictional AI worlds to find his way back home. Which in total, took him in total: 60 years, to find his way home, and Joe even made this wish to travel back 50 years behind 2079, so he remains in his 20s to remain independent with his omnipotent powers, and currently lives in 2027 with his gothic spouse of the same age, Raven Roth.

Why Joebotnik Rocks

  1. He is extremely sympathetic and charismatic. When Joe got magical powers by circumstance, he first thinks to express the extroverted traits that he has shown to be controlled in real life.
  2. His personality is very colorful, sassy, expressive, jocular, goofy, playful, passionate, jolly, energetic, and unpredictable, as Joebotnik is spirited and full of personality, and not everyone can predict what he'll do next; to the point, Joebotnik happens to be magnetic and fun to be around.
    • In the story of Joe Venture, Joebotnik begins showcasing the zeal, energy, quirks, confidence, and jocularity of The Genie from Aladdin, even by that, their personalities and cosmic powers are QUITE similar. At the same time, some of Joebotnik's traits and character development are a tad bit similar to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 1-3 in the sense of thinking he could do anything with his magic before realizing he was controlled by The Gatekeeper and goes through greater lengths to prove himself worthy to the galaxy.
  3. He comes off as an exuberant and over-the-top yet charming character of his gesticulating and spastic movements applied to his bravado and wild imagination, meaning that many people adore him just after they met him by first impression. When people are weirded out by Joe's quirks, Joebotnik does his best to connect with others through his inner valor and bravado.
  4. He's a protagonist with many heroic and selfless intentions, yet he has provided many hilarious and memorable moments throughout the films.
  5. His design is very unique, classy, and stylish. Especially since Joebotnik has stylized colors of red and black on him while having a high-top fade, black gloves, baggy pants, and added goggles that light up red-eye shapes that shapeshift (which contrasts his brown-hazel eyes).
    • Joebotnik can also be seen as highly attractive, regardless if he was in his cartoony form or in his anime form.
  6. He was also capable of carrying his charisma, intellect, creativity, and extroversion in two of his alter-egos: an anthropomorphic cat named Joevester, and a bogeyman named The Joogie Boogie Man.
  7. His rhyme range from being very poetic to being downright entertaining and hilarious in a silly way.
  8. Character development: Joebotnik goes from shy, paranoid, stressed, unlucky, and insecure about the predicaments he's often thrown into, to becoming quite enthusiastic, eccentric, humorous, resourceful, and expressive on top of gaining superpowers and omnipotence over time.
    • Joe also gets development with his conflict with the sadistic gatekeeper Tim Churley (aka The Gatekeeper). Joebotnik goes from being an ill-starred weakling forced into The Gatekeeper's cosmic experiments, and Joe becomes more powerful and creative with exploring his many opportunities to one-up The Gatekeeper, from getting him arrested and confirmed by universal broadcast for everyone anywhere to know how infamous he has become, and when that backfires even though it should've worked flawlessly, at the end of Joe Venture: Joebotnik then had to kill him off by spawning a lethally placed giant rock on top of him so nobody has to suffer from anyone like The Gatekeeper ever again.
    • His fatal flaw also gets better explored. In terms of romance, Joebotnik would earn lovers due to his kind nature, sometimes Joe being lustful and eagerness for sexual experiences gets his lovers (especially females) to be nervous about the fact it was unexpected and weren't ready yet, when Joe realizes that his desires intimidated them into thinking Joe was an aggressive horndog (ex. Satsuki, Amoria and Daisy), Joe takes note, starts thinking with his head, and has a large portion of remorse for him to express complete sorrow and wanting to better himself, every time it happens. Especially when Joe unintentionally guilt-tripped them due to Joe being touchy and having serious self-pity in the situation, this makes his lovers sympathize and empathize with him often, where they'd either cheer him up to reassure him that he's not a corrupted person, or lovers like Princess Daisy for example, would have to snap some sense into him. This makes Joe realize he should grasp certain boundaries people have with personal matters and experiences.
    • Heck, even Joebotnik's quirks and behavior ALSO gets plenty of development. As Joe goes from being too goofy, talkative, irreverent, cunning, and playful for his own good, and the mistakes he made misguidedly in terms of social skills, that resulted in people not respecting him as much as he thought, he then gains some amount of cynicism and uses this as a way to mature over time to take himself more seriously than ever before and to be much more aware of his environments and behavior that affects his public appearance regardless of being a very jocular person, to begin with. Meaning Joebotnik is capable of being serious when it's not the time to joke around and all.
  9. Joebotnik proves himself to be a cosmic warrior despite being a wizard and a philanthropist, as Joe traveled into multiple galaxies and saved each one from evil.
    • Even after Joebotnik saved all 12 multiple cosmic fictional dimensions and 11 different fictional AI worlds, Joebotnik vowed to defend anyone in every single galaxy and universe in existence with his magic, as well as seek to purify multiverses from any form of evil that lurks around.
  10. He is also pretty resourceful and imaginative, as Joe used his magic and strategies to think ahead and think things through. This goes to the point he's manipulative and opportunistic in the right way no stranger would expect of him, especially when Joe begins manipulating the villains for the better of everyone else.
  11. He does have a lot of good plans that he can create such as making his miracle-making wishes exceed further than 3 wishes, and writing the process of his 64 wishes recharging once it runs out.
    • If anyone tries screwing Joe over, he'll make sure Joe means business as he has zero qualms about using endless magic and bending reality to his will if he wanted to! (Even when he makes jokes, he's not once, treated as incompetent but rather mischievous) Before and after Joe had to lethally outsmart The Gatekeeper by surprise despite trying to get him and Joe's bullies arrested, Joebotnik even screws over egomaniacal scoundrels that recklessly opposed and threatened him like Nikocado Avocado, Evil Saiko, and Edgy Amy Rose, who all three got their asses handed over to Joe due to their vain attempts to manipulate him when Joe foresaw it coming.
    • Joebotnik even faked a polite "evil genius" persona to work his way out of being forced to work with dictatorial villains like Oogie Boogie and AoStH Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and Joe partakes in cooperative actions of villainy to then get the best of them by earning their approval of him being a useful and reliable "villain". He always makes sure to use his final wish to undo every single evil decision made to redeem himself, as well as foil their nefariously evil plans of conquest, sadism, and tyranny.
  12. He is quite the ladiesman, even when he's not trying too hard to be! Joe goes from being more observant & calm than normally, to getting a little more lustful, romantic, and flirtatious over time.
    • Despite getting lovers in (almost) every single realm he exists in the Joe Venture series, Joebotnik doesn't want his lovers to remain unhappy without him being there for him when Joe needs to return home or all heck breaks loose (at least in the perspective of Joe's family), so he clones himself while hiding his actual presence from them with some serious stealth methods.
    • Even tho Joebotnik is hetero, he is capable of being heteroflexible and bicurious due to him having a loving sense of morality. Because of this, he even has endearing romantic LGBTQ relationships with males like Lemon Jonah, FNF Boyfriend, and Sylvester Ashling.
  13. In all of his appearances, he has provided many enjoyable and unforgettable quotes and one-liners that are a joy to read or to quote from:
    • “Why I'd be glad to expand, my land to other artistic aficionados like myself, all while lending in such a good hand! It's always a pleasure to get on a new measure.”
    • “ Of course, But before we even seek out to them. Take a slice! And a sip! Cause really, Would kind of mage samaritan am I, To not show consideration? Like seriously, (Joe looks up at the ceiling) WHERE ARE MY MANNERS TODAY?!”
    • “Nah, You get no drip, no bitches, no game and I have BETTER shit to do! Later hater!!!”
    • “Oh yes! STRRRRONG does count! Like the way I mount! On you are, Too many times to find the amount!!”
    • “Eh! What gives just lives, I guess.”
    • “This fuzzy piece of leather clothing attire contains my favorite colors; Black and Red, And I, Say the black to me resembles; the inclusion of society like race and gender, the power of darkness and standing up to authority, and the space for it all. And the red resembles; the intensity in my actions and ambitions; in other words being hot-blooded and passionate, as well as being the color I feel when I get wrrrrathful for a cause or for my eyes to glow when I need to get really intimidating and FEARSOME, and sometimes, it resembles the "deep intense blushes" as well as deep unconditional love from my inner spirit. Overall, The combination resembles a retro style of colors that speaks me, my past, my childhood, and bits of my divergent personality traits. You wouldn't believe me when I say that Red and Black was the name of an Italian restaurant that my parents, in my world, met at before they were married! Incredible am I right??!”
    • “Of course Satsy ❤️♥❤️♥❤️ And I forgot to mention, Black and white is also a meaningful, Shade, Of colors, Because that's also my race and skin as a tanned person, AND, I love tuxedo cats, which tend to be black and white. Multiple layers babey.”
    • “Why thank you luv, And I'll always be there, To catch you. Even out of the blew.”
    • “Well, Satsy, We both fell, And sharing what we NEEDED, To tell each other without making a yell. All in good hands, Without making any "ands", About it.”
    • “Of cour- Wait, And I'm not coming off as overconfident you say?? For a second, I thought- Oh well well, I shall be the ♥wave♥, That'll wipe those scoundrrrrels, And making them create their own quarrels ♥❤️”
    • “Well, There's a first time for everything am I right, Cause: It's a certain light, With little to no fright, That, Just feels... right.”
    • “Why thank you, My godly queen, I appreciate you, Acknowledging my traits, And powers, My heart is quite warmed and Dare I say, CHARMED By you♡♡ I may be lustful, But that's a trait! I can ALWAYS, Monologue about self-imprrrovement and all, But lives matter to me first, Before I start well, Anything almost about.”
    • “Oh: Just as your name means "May", We've had villains to slay, YESTERDAY, And with no delay Making it all end up the right way, And since, It also means "swamp" or "shore", You're as mysterious and historical, As that, Making our day all the more whimsical, Especially since being with you, At the end of the day, Ain't no chore (Joe snuggles with Satsuki to make her all the more comfy)”
    • “I'll (grunt) IMPRESS And, I don't need to, Overdo my prowess, For a warrior, Who feels like a... princess, And all, Without being anything less, Than selfless.”
    • “That's a yes, Is that right? Without anything less, Than being a little selfless??”
    • “WRRRHat? Me nerrrvous?? Of course! It's obvious I've got my flair.”
    • “RRRRaww I'll, Say yeah... And you, Don't find me to be, RRRRRRepulsively sweet?? Disgustingly accepting??? Overtly open-minded?? Not a little????”
    • “WEHEHEHEEOW!! I could have some SHOWMANSHIP in me But yeah, I'll, Give you that!”
    • “ Nobody BUT myself! And seriously! Did you eat a fucking FLAMETHROWER or something? Cause your breath is hot as hell, even after I gave you some Tic Tacs, you gonna need a spiritual water hose or something!! Please, never invade my space EVER again bra. (Joe attempts leaving Evil Saiko by flying away with his magic net again)”
    • “Well, Just thought to, Make it sappier, And all the more ... Well... Happier!”
    • “Well well well, You wanted some (Said with a deep baritone that makes him sound deeper and more masculine): SAP And you did, Seem like you wanted more, Than a nap in a SNAP!”
    • “Well yes ma'am, Lemme just get you to lay forwards, the Joevester Way 😼😽”
    • “Then I REST, MY case, Like a ace!!”
    • “Of course love, We can even sleep it out, As you said earlier, Without needing to make a shout About, ... The... .... The r- .. I mean, our own love glove.”
    • “Well well, I guess, The snuggling and cuddling, Would make us, A great mixture, For such a pudding.”
    • “The pudding is already, Juicy enough, I'd get some... Orange juice, To make it more tough, Even though I'm buff.”
    • “Wowowoah NAUGHTY? You dirty girl you.. And I got (Joe quickly gets his magic book after pulling his magic net out of his neck like it's hammerspace) Something! Sweet for you. That'll make your heart EXPLODE! And not feeling blue without a clue in my load!”
    • “ Noted! And... Quoted! Ha!! That rrrrhymes!! Booyah! (Joe holds onto Daisy tight) I guess I'll just be that KNIGHT with that SHIELD. From the dawn to night, Without making the YIELD!”
    • “Well, I did save you from the trouble, And this time, I didn't stumble! But I fell In such a good well! ^u^”
    • “Aww, shucks thanks love. You too Gweny the... SSSwenny pennie. There's no worries love, I'll always catch you, with my figuratively LARGE glove, even from the tallest, color of blue.”
    • “Because of that fucking GATEKEEPER, Tim Churley, keeping me IMPRRRISONED in for an endless loophole of dimensions. It's about time for me to end him, With my magic book of HIDDEN TALENTS!!! One two three! YES!! Oh! Joy!! I'm FINALLY frrrree!!”
    • “Ahh... it finally feels so CATHARTIC that I finally did this! But oh!! What about those nine bullies that found him in the first place!? ... Nah, I'd rather be a hero and not inflict murder on them, besides, I'm the better man because of THAT alone!”
    • “Yeah! And fitting inside the right in a flawless- *Joe looks down and is seen trying to fit inside a pipe for some reason to make this point* Well... fitting in the right *Pushing himself even more* Pipes! And eh *chuckling* exercising the idea of inclusion. With jumping to a conclusion!”
    • “When I act lustful, I thought... I always applied all the ABOVE, the love and lust altogether. I always.. pictured it, To be a LOVE COMBO!
    • “Uhm deehhh YES actually! It's as natural as, This grass, With 'yo wonderful ass, For such a great lass.”
    • “Oh, I surrre will, Grrrunkle Stan! *earnest chuckling* And with such GOODWILL on that stand!!! Good thing I didn't get ill From ANY of it, and... it... And? It gets me often into the sand! I just love rrrrrhyming and diming on such timing! Hope you don't mind THAT being my personal trrrait of my own alongside rrrrrolling them rs! *Chuckles at himself*”
    • “Well... It does wrrrap your mind *Joe says to himself:* As if there's NOTHING Out there to help. To turn to.. To... seek answers Other than.. Yourself.... ... *Joe then suddenly looks at Sylvester:* But to discuss "isolation" My friend, It's... a very intrrrrospective thought, At one glance, We ALL can rrrrrelate! And the other hand, I can CERRRTAINLY say, Growing out of it Is NO simplistic task! (sarcastically said): Obvious, I'm sure! *speaks normally:* But, The point is! There's a LIGHT in the tunnel, So dark it SEEMS unlikely, I had to tunnel, My way OUT of it at a certain tee To a two!!”
    • “Well... I was ALWAYS the same, And NOBODY'S perrrfect y'know! It just... felt like there was a void, Even though I DID, Find ways to keep myself occupied and active, The grrrrievious rrreality hit me! The WORLD, needs the cure! Of every. single. ISSUE in existence!! And now! That I have FINALLY became a mage! And surrrvived being trrrrapped in fictional galaxies for EONS! As well as saving them ALL From danger! I just thought "what if I could purify and clean ANY galaxy in EXISTENCE?"! And THAT!, Is why I'm here! And I think you'd be the rrrrright person to help me on this journey!”
    • “Yeah... And well.. If I'm NOT being a chatterbox! *Joe felt the next punch in his heart from calling himself a "chatterbox" and meaning it* With the VOICE of rrrreasons who I THOUGHT I was! And well.. needing to learn about PERSONAL space than I already do? And... a LOT of things that sound... lame? Maybe?? Well... I'd either look in psychotherapy or... do some drrrawings, edit videos, or play VIDEO GAMES! *Joe started to feel a little better* And well-”
    • “My laugh? It's UNHINGED in a way is it not? Grrrreat, now I'm quoting my lov- Fuck! I MEANT my chum!”
    • “Ah YES, Frrrrom being unorthodox, About it ALL To... well, the abilities to SHOOT LASERS FROM THE FRRRONT TIP! *Joe holds his bug net in the manner of a rifle and points it in the air, and decides to shoot the drone that Joe spotted was spying on him* Whew! Who KNEW, accurrracy was accounting for TASTE!? And NOW! The main attrrrrraction!”
    • “Deh okie dokie! Name's Joebotnik McCrrricket! And... you're quite... What's the word? Lo- I mean, well-endowed.. of the female type? I swear I thought you were BUILT different or something! Not to be brrrrrash.”
    • AAAHAHAHA!! I rrrrrreally wasn't attempting to be rrrrrude or PERRRVY, but yeah.. you're unique I'll say! I was gonna use the word ATTRRRACTIVE on you for the whole feminine aesthetic of your looks, But... it'd seem TOO MUCH to say you have WONDERFUL body structure and ANATONOMY!!”
    • “UHM... SOMETHING!? And you don't want me to clean this world? The galaxy?? Apologize for... offending you with a prrrrovocative compliment said by mistake??? Or well... uhm... helping you with ANYTHING first?????”
    • “Well I mean, I-I-I'm all OUT for affection and all.. I just rrrrealized, what I could DO with my inevitable power and DOMINANT skill??”
    • “A pirrrate AND an oni?? You're definitely a UNIQUE specimen of such caliber, valor and volition! And well, I know you were doing MORE than flirting THAT'S for sure!!! Was it my words that got you this way? Or the fact I said you're attractive-looking in a feminine way?? Please do TELL! And I didn't just FELL for anything just YET!
    • “Well, *Joe sees his hand Yamato placed on her chest* First my hand IS on your chest!! And... I'm not a killjoy of a prrrrude or anything, I usually DON'T have trrrrouble forming the words when it's a TOP prrriority!! I only slip it up if I... well... forgot what I was going to say!!”
    • “Oh! I can TELL!!! I do find you SCINTILLATING!! Just didn't expect, to wake up with ANY of this! Man were my parents rrright about- everything.. I thought you were gonna slap me or something!”
    • “You did say you're a emperor rrrright?? And causing chaos and havoc on a villain's lair sounds perfect! Especially to defeat EVERY terrrroist and villainous being arrrround!! Purrrifying the WORLD and the galaxy is what I had in mind!”
    • “*Joe snickers* Well I do make miracles happen with it! Even the most WILD of imaginative thoughts!! But I did use my magic book to EXPAND my powers and all! So it's a full package!!”
    • “Yes actually! If I wanted to frrrree a world from slaves, end world hunger, fix corrupted social systems, or PEOPLE in general! Then that's what I DO with thought put into it! I'm sure this world is safe from evil is that RRRIGHT? Cause I can fly anywhere with my Joe-Netter here, the bug net I fly with!”
    • “OHOHOHO, STRRRRRONG enough!? Oh I can and WILL do!! I even saved locations from maniacs in a city and defeated weatherly threats like cataclysmic storms by spawning a gigantic hammer to hit it! So I can do JUST about anything with THIS!”
    • “Mmmmhmm, well yes m'am! I DO feel FANTASTIC saying all of this, as well as DOING it and you know it!! But in this case scenario, I had the feeling this wouldn't be AWKWARD to do now thinking about it, *Joe takes off his shirt and snaps his fingers to make himself muscular and meaty* I can make for the perfect Gigachad!”
    • “It goes NO bounds as I just snapped my fingers for quick miracles! The book I have there, makes stuff like "wars being over" happen in less than a second!! The only ONE condition is IF I abuse my power and magic onto others in a ruthless way, and it has the consequence of reversing any of my 64 evildoings by the TIME and space continuum!! And well.. it's, best for it to be THAT way honestly!”
    • “Well yeah, Everyone has a.. certain FORM of beauty, *Joe looks at the ceiling and counting fingers*: but I also love fire, fireworks, explosions, magic and well *Joe looks at Yamato* Sexiness like this!”
    • “Well of course! I'm just... keeping it chill like a hill!!”

Joebotnik's Bad Qualities

  1. He can be somewhat deceitful, especially since Joe usually remains as a true expert at smooth-talking, strategy, white-lies and stealth to do his best to keep his identity hidden from the public so nobody knows he's a mage, and does everything in his power to remain that way.
    • He also had moments of being rather facetious, tactless, impudent, sarcastic, awkward, a little overconfident, wrathful and occasionally sadistic with his magical powers and endlessly creative plans.
  2. He has a hidden insecure side of himself that contrasts his interactions with most people.
    • As he has shown to have moments of being too mean and fatalistic on himself when he gets rejection from his lovers for the fact they thought his sexual advances were creepy or rapey when it wasn't.
    • Since he's a sensitive and touchy soul with criticism, he shows some serious self-pity when he acts like he can handle admitting his mistakes, but questions himself negatively for his innate lust and becomes very emotionally cruel to himself before wanting to prove his worth and innocence to them as a form of a apology, especially if he has to demean himself with bombastic words that makes his heart and his feelings feel punched and hurt. Becoming overdramatic and persistent enough to become very eager to please his lovers so he can prove his mighty worth to them with some aimless guilt-tripping; which usually ends well for Joe oddly enough (the latter being what he hates recieving the most from anyone and hates even more for repeating it). However, Joe does snap out of this when the lover apologizes for thinking he was being rapey, or if the lover gets him to think straight; especially since he seems to be trying too hard to hide that fact from everyone but the lover.


  • Doctor Joseph "Jimmy" McCricket, Joebotnik himself is meant to be a fictionalized cartoonish version of his creator, Joseph DiAngelo Sanford (aka JD). As he already shares a character design that resembles Joseph's physical appearance in real-life with added cartoony elements to him.
  • Toon JD used to be his first name, and the character's name was changed into "Joebotnik" because his name is a play on Joe and Robotnik; the latter being Joseph's favorite video game character alongside Earthworm Jim (that, alongside Jimmy Neutron being a childhood classic show, are both reasons why Joebotnik's middle name is "Jimmy").
  • The time he claimed to stop being heteroflexible was when he went to college, is actually a reference to the creator Joseph himself in real life. In story, Joebotnik stopped being bicurious when he went to a college universe that had a group of LGTBTQ people whose weirdness that weirded Joe out by their peculiar behavior and wanted to be out of there after being there the first time (Which is a similar real-life experience of how Joseph felt being in a dorm full of mostly homosexual people as a college freshman in the first year). When he met Lemon and got to have a personal relationship with him on the first day they met, this made him slowly (yet gradually) go back to how he felt already about being open to being heteroflexible in new relationships once he met Lemon Jonah in a new universe separate from Joe's own world.


Saved Articles (That already exist in the wiki) with my own edits


"I hate Mondays."
Gender: Male
Type: Loveable Comedian
Age: Unknown
Species: Anthropomorphic Cat
Portrayed by: Scott Beach (1980)
Lorenzo Music, my favorite! (1988-1994)
Yay! Bill Murray! (2004)
Wait, Frank Welker!? (2007-2016)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Garfield

Hello, fellow users. My name's James Garfield Davis (just call me Garfield 'kay?), one of the main characters from many Garfield comic strips and my very own show!

Why Garfield Rocks

  1. I'm an amazing cat and one of the most memorable cartoon cats in history, and along with many cartoon characters, or cats, I'm very iconic. In fact, a lot more iconic than Heathcliff.
  2. I even got my own show in the 80s!
  3. I am absolutely hilarious and you sure know it. I've also been an true internet meme for years.
  4. Also, my deadpan sarcasm is hilarious.
  5. My imagination and antics from my own show were underrated.
  6. All of my designs are great, just scratch off those CGI trash piles aside alright? Cause I have mentioned that I never look good on TV at least once.
  7. I sure love to eat (and my lasagna), you better believe it!
  8. I'm obviously smarter than how you'd perceive me with my everyday laziness.
  9. I may seem like a jerk to my friends, heck! I love pulling many pranks on Jon and Odie, but I'll still admit that I care about them.
  10. Speaking of which, my friend-hate relationship with that stupid mutt is even more underrated cause 'sure, I kick the dog off the table a lot and treat him like a joke, but I still consider Odie as my friend.
  11. But hey! Look on the bright side, at least I'm also an expert at pranking cats like Nermal, someone who deserves it a lot.

My Bad Qualities

  1. My cash-in, spin-off appearances in the 21st century are boring and even overrated, especially when it was all going downhill for me. So please disregard my sell-out, bastardized appearances in the Garfield movies or spin-offs. I'd be cringing all day on just thinking about it all when everyone pretty much listed it all out for me. I mean really, I'd rather not.
  2. Sure I can lack some common sense at times, but hey, I'm still smart enough to solve my own problems and do many other things.
  4. Speaking of which, my hate for Mondays and jokes about my laziness have been done to death.
  5. Jokes about my fat appearance will leave you in stitches, or just left unamused at best.
  6. My backstory on how I lost so much weight was unexplained and why I'm able to eat anything other than cat food without any effects does sound senseless, but hey, I'm cool with it!
  7. And as much I love eating, I can come off as gluttonous & unhealthy at times.
  8. My owner has become an utter moron. At least he grew a brain in later seasons...
  9. Why did I need to be featured in this fever dream of a movie called "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" in the first place makes me just as confused as you.

Eggman's Portrayals

Robotnik/Eggman Portrayals
"Wow! Will I really get that crazy?"
"Snooping as usual I see!?"
"Snively, what color is my heart?"
"Get a load of this!"
"I'll be back! With a new robot! Who has an accurate name! And super laser eyes! And he'll feed me ham! Evil ham..."
Gender: Male
Type: Hegemonic Scientist/Mastermind
Entertaining Supervillain
Age: His 40s or 50s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: (English)
Long John Baldry (1993-1996)
Jim Cummings (1993-1999)
Deem Bristow (1998-2004)
Mike Pollock (2005-present)
Jim Carrey (2020)

Chikao Ōtsuka (1998-2015)
Kotaro Nakamura (2016-present)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Sonic the Hedgehog

"🎵 I am the Eggman, that's what I am🎵
🎵 I am the Eggman, I got the master plan🎵
🎵 I am the Eggman, that's what I am🎵
🎵 I am the Eggman, with the master plan!🎵
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure 2

Dr. Ivo Robotnik better known by the alias Dr. Eggman is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He's a human scientist with an IQ of 300 and dreams of dominating the world, but his constant plots to create his Eggman Empire (a.k.a. Eggmanland) are always thwarted by Sonic and his friends.

Why These Eggman Portrayals Rocks

  1. Eggman's many incarnations treat him in very different forms of his character, ranging from very threatening to very goofy & comedic. Especially when Eggman himself is portrayed as a comedic and threatening villain at the same time, examples of these include:
    • AOSTH Eggman: Dr. Ivo Robotnik. The purely comedic and ineffectual villain who is extremely entertaining, unforgettable, and is by far, the most memeable/fan-favorite incarnation of Eggman ever made. He is a cartoonishly evil villain who felt powerful, yet still human and fallible. Despite him often being the flamboyant, hotheaded, and hare-brained comic foil to the prankster Sonic, Robotnik has had his glorious moments of nearly succeeding out of his generally bumbling nature. His exaggerated personality perfectly fits Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog’s tone of "absurd fun". You can just tell that Long John Baldry is clearly having a blast voicing him by providing a comically hammy tone to Robotnik's deep voice and Robotnik still has spawned a lot of memes, even to this day and it's mostly thanks to Robotnik himself (and the talented voice actor who will always be remembered).
    • SATAM Eggman: Julian Robotnik. He is a villain so menacing and threatening, he's the type of villain who fits the bill. Not only that, he is the best example of making Eggman an completely serious threat without adding any form of childishness and goofiness (despite him sometimes having his comedic moments here and there) by giving him a perfectly despicable, disgusting, heartless and sadistic personality that works off well with the show's serious tone. Jim Cummings provided a badass tone of voice that sounds a bit like Batman and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal with a unique edge to it. Where Robotnik's extremely deep tone of voice along with his breathing is rather remarkable.
    • Boom Eggman: He is an entertaining, somewhat ineffectual antagonist and a frenemy of Sonic whose comic traits include his general lack of common sense, sarcasm, quick quips, banters, goofiness, and buffoonery are all played for comedic relief. Despite this, he also has had his moments where his high intelligence and moments of showing common sense can help him make some good progress with his efforts in a sense, and there are times when viewers can sympathize with him, just enough to find him a likable villain.
    • Jim Carrey's Eggman: He is the most hyper-competent incarnation of Eggman ever created. Where Jim Carrey did a great job at portraying Eggman's cartoonish, eccentric, over-the-top aspects to his comedic & villainous personality.

Badnik Qualities

  1. Despite his high intelligence, Eggman is rather immature and childish, like throwing temper tantrums when Sonic manages to wreck into his plans, though it is mostly played for laughs.
    • An example of his immaturity is in the ending of Sonic Unleashed, when Orbot begins to insult him over his constant failures and calls him a loser; Eggman screams "Oh, shut up!!", attempts to kick him only to comically fail, and then chases him through the desert while making agitated noises and violently flailing his arms in an attempt to grab him.
    • In AOSTH, he can be so irrational, not only does he cause him backfires through his egotism and bumbling behavior. But he has some truly moronic and questionable moments, the biggest example of this is being easily deceived by Sonic whenever he gets the best of him (to the point of marrying Sonic! ), Another moment includes Eggman crying like a baby as his face gets red in Sonic's Breakout. Sometimes his flamboyance, bossiness, rowdiness, and childishness can come off as a tad bit annoying towards some viewers.
      • Sometimes he is subjected to some obnoxious slapstick when he sometimes doesn't really deserve the verbal/physical abuse he gets from many characters like his own mother who is stupidly evil and Katella in the episode Zoobotnik.
    • In Sonic Boom, he is so childish and ineffectual, he can literally pose little to no threat whatsoever as of the ending of Season 1 and throughout Season 2 because of his goofiness. He is often the laughing-stock that is treated as the scapegoat because of being a mostly harmless villain towards Sonic, his friends, and the village they live in. However, this can be warranted sometimes since Eggman can be written to be a "karmic-jerkass" type of character where his shortcomings with being a jerk lead to consequences and several epic-fails that serve as his comeuppance (done comedically or not) for something he did wrong as his supposedly justified acts of villainy in an episode, a good example of this is the Season 1 episode "Let's Play Musical Friends".
  2. His design from Sonic '06 is poorly made and uncanny.
  3. His incarnations like Sonic Underground, for example, are quite unremarkable and forgettable.
    • Speaking of bad portrayals of Eggman; even for Eggman standards, his portrayal in Sonic '06 & Shadow The Hedgehog is one of the worst incarnations of the evil genius himself. Where his personality was watered down into being a straightforward and predictably (if stupidly at times) fallible antagonist because of being played as a "serious" character because of the story, with little to nothing being exactly enjoyable or notable to say about him. Where his seriousness made Eggman rather boring, unremarkable, and generic than you'd expect of his comedic and villainous charm.

AOSTH Material

Eggman's Videos

Eggman's Gallery


No, I'm not the same Scoobo from the video made by ThunderHumor with my name on it! Like bro! You should tell!!

Scoobo (SuperSonicJoseph)
Close-up of Scoobo's official look ; Screenshot 2021-09-25 142741.png
“Hey fatface! ... You don't, mess with, Scoobo!!!
Gender: Male
Type: Mighty Crimefighter
Age: My birthday's on Jul 10, 1969 (So I'm... 53 years old!)
Species: Dog
Portrayed by: Joseph DiAngelo Sanford, The one and only! (2016-2022)
Status: Well and Alive!
Media of origin: The SuperSonicLogan Series Show (2016-2017), SSJ Series (The 2017-19 Era)

Hey guys, the name's Scoobo!! My real name is Scoobo Doobo Norriso, but I'm Scoobo! I'm a major character from The SuperSonicLogan Series Show and the SuperSonicJoseph series from a web channel that was, SuperSonicJoseph (it's recently named Joseph Sanford).

Like I said earlier, I'm voiced by Joseph DiAngelo Sanford.

Scoobo's Background

Scoobo's a tall, brown anthropomorphic Great Dane who was known for his obsession with battling Eggman alongside his pal Sonic, spouting out his own name in the third person with the FIRM and NOISE from Scoobo!! I often enjoy being downright extreme with decision-making and causing some mischief because of my many superpowers I keep as a part of the SCOOBO shtick in crimefighting, but hey! It's going against CRIME! So it should be a good thing!! I'm one of Sonic's best friends and the 2nd leader of Team Sonic & Friends, as well as a right-hand to him. Sorry Tails!

Scoobo's Personality

Scoobo's a calm, outgoing, sane, rollicking, and energetic person who just loves HAVING FUN! At least I'm extremely self-assured in a way of my own. Throughout the series, I'm portrayed as a GREATLY outgoing, good-hearted hero who's on Sonic's side at all times. I fight for justice and righteous moral values!! I'm also protective of my home and my people who encounter any threat lurking around me, at the end of the day, I prove myself to be a competent hero who prevents any trouble happening in the Animal Kingdom.

Even though I may sometimes mistreat some of my friends, Mickey and "Mario" (who all DESERVED it! Especially.. Sith Cynical!!), I do it in a playful manner for the show's comedy, even if I get unintentionally unruly and reckless towards Sonic, I still care about keeping them all safe from harm, and no; I'm not that DUMB! If you must know, I have deceived my enemies for the world's peace, and for the greater GOOD.

Why Scoobo Rocks

  1. I just happen to be the most rollicking, manliest, and most powerful version of Scooby-Doo due to my MANY, diverse, personality traits.
  2. I happen to be one of the series' biggest exceptions for being unique, like Sonic's hyperactive son Sonic T. Junior (who's an active gamer that is crazy about Sonic Mania) and Eggface, the series' recurring science-loving supervillain.
    • Scoobo is usually a jaunty person with a certain jovial MAN-nerism, who either tends to chillax when there isn't any crime happening, has sometimes noted to work in the military by having a visible scar on his paw he got from the military, and likes to fly around a lot on his guitar and pilots the rocking gamer chair like a flying vehicle or to even drive on foot (which I refer to as my jet regardless as seen in the episode "SSJ Plush Adventure: Napped!"), and I used to use a Nerf gun to fly as seen in "SSL Movie: Sonic's Big Mistake!!"! Crazy I know right?? It's used as a gun now so THAT is saying something!! He can also be seen flying around single-handedly like an certain superhero in many videos ever since "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!", for example.
      • I ALWAYS refer to myself in the third person, even when he does anything like for example saying stuff like: "Scoobo Punch!", "Scoobo Charge!", "Scoobo Spike!", "Scoobo Power!", and even "SCOOBOALITY", which I still LOVE doing! ESPECIALLY for the fun of it!! The last two phrases, I provided came from the same video "SSJ Plush Short: Action or Science!").
  3. Scoobo is very boisterous and fun-loving! I just know the series as a whole wouldn't be as enjoyable, memorable, exciting, or nearly as funny without me being a part of the ride!!!
  4. Whenever I'm actually taken seriously, I fight by flying or do something energetic in a violent way alongside Sonic (or doing it myself). There's a song called DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat", which can be heard playing as the song that plays when I kick some ASS!
  5. As Sonic's loyal, faithful best friend; I love to join in with making things more fun for the both of us while keeping our realm nice and peaceful as it IS.
  6. I'm an omnipotent BEING with ludicrous special powers at MY disposal, giving me chances to take on my foes in a destructive, aggressive, and sometimes belligerent manner (unless they're really a threat.. Yes I'm talking to you Browser!). People thought my acts of mischief and frolics were often some of the funniest and some of the most memorable, especially how when I aggressively get the better of Eggman in energetic and chaotic ways prior to Scoobo's method of violence!!
  7. The one and only, Joseph DiAngelo Sanford, does a SUPURB job at voicing Scoobo!
    • Where my voice made some people think of me as a boisterous Fat Albert with some inflections that reminded them of a tad BIT of Seth Rogen of all people!!
    • In fact, Joseph has told me that there are many viewers that NEW or familiar with the show, especially older viewers or people who NEVER heard of me, who have shared how they find my voice to be incredibly amusing and great to listen to (Joseph did the voice to his dad, his 12th-grade math teacher, his own girlfriend, and a friend of his on Discord! They all express something good about it. Especially when his teacher said it's a great voice to hear, and Joseph's GF said how I sound FUNNY). Even when I talk to people outside my show when I play video games, go on Discord, or talk to anyone in general!
  8. On top of being a crimefighting dog, Scoobo has an uninhibited, free-spirited, thrill-seeking, and sometimes mischievous sense of humor applied to MY acts of heroism, like I said: It's the Scoobo Shtick!!
  9. While I can be over-the-top, somewhat risk-taking, sadistic, have comical aspects of myself or even be the rambunctious BRUNT of cartoonish chaos. Scoobo's heart is generally in the right place and Scoobo would want to keep his people safe, I even know how to be nice to everyone! (Especially to those that DESERVE it! Kids are HARD for me to lash any of my cruelty onto! Junior is a young kid dude!!) Anywho, all of this makes him easy to root for!!
  10. I have shown lots of loyalty and devotion towards his job positions. Ranging from 2016, when I was wholeheartedly working for The Animal Kingdom! To be a reliable hero who is generally protecting The Animal Kingdom at ease, and preventing any kind of SERIOUS harm from happening, no matter extreme his methods of spreading peace are. Much like a certain cartoon officer I know.
    • Scoobo's very athletic, somewhat overprotective, and take my job as a protective fighter VERY seriously and with pride. Usually enjoying to perform over-the-top athletic and action poses whenever I like to. Scoobo is also very PROUD of his masculinity and enjoys being as manly as possible.
  11. I have shown to be completely heroic, and often fighting for the greater good if I haven't made it OBVIOUS enough! Where all of my talents showed heroism before, and RIGHT after I gained special powers in the video "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!".
  12. Speaking of which, ever since 2018, Scoobo's powers were always FUN for me to improvise and protect everyone, and it's FUN for me to come up with ideas that WORK like a charm! Such examples of these include:
    • Having the ability to spit sandals out of Scoobo's mouth which functions like projectiles from a gun! Which comes from sucking in from the air (Don't get ANY ideas on what I mean by THAT! YOU FILTHY ANIMAL!! FUCKING, DISGUSTING DUDE!!! )
    • Eating one of Scoobo's 'biscuits' in his bag of snacks he keeps (a red and white PowerBall) that gives me lots, and mean LOTS, of combative abilities to work with and including a bunch of unconventional outfits to compensate,
    • Creating fireballs through his mouth within seconds as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Action or Science!"; and me inflicting onto EGGFACE, was SO worth it!
    • Using endless inhaling that can work like a vacuum he can use to his advantage as shown in episodes that include "SSJ Plush Short: Action or Science!", "SSJ Plush Short: Groovyness? Nor the Less!", and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!". And for the latter, I'm so GLAD I was ready to shoot a demonic spirit like SITH!
    • Pausing time on command while I move fast in time being frozen as shown in the video "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Cadre & The Thundery!". I can't lie, THAT felt awesome to fly! It's like I can warp reality or something!!
  13. On top of possessing a large level of omnipotence, at least one viewer on Discord has said that I nearly remind him of Son Goku from Dragon Ball.
    • Especially since Scoobo shares some pretty similar traits to him like being a powerful warrior that is thrill-seeking and goofy, having a CHEERFUL and energetic personality, having a love for friendship and fighting, possessing staggering powers that are reined in and enhanced by his fierce loyalty and morality, having moments of being "blunt" and not afraid to express his opinion in a discussion, as well as being able to adapt to any situation at hand.
    • I'm also a 'happy-go-lucky person who's friendly to just about everyone and everything, UNLESS! They're villains or antagonistic people, and they'd be as good as DEAD! I'd kick into "Serious Mode" and single-mindedly fight whoever's responsible for the provoking (ex. Sith in "SSJ Plush Short: Mario's Idiotcy!")
    • Being insanely strong, and grows increasingly in MIGHT whenever Scoobo is seen training (ex. "SSJ Plush Adventure: Moroncy to Robust!"), fights even MORE dangerous foes (most of them that begin to fear me), and attains various powers along the way, before and after Scoobo got his powers from a green ball in "SSJ Plush Short: Powers!" or taking a bite out of my biscuits; like dude! It's like I've got endless powers and steaks, so HIGH, I could literally do just about ANYTHING!! And just recently, I was able to attain and make great use of the difficult-to-master biscuits Eggface and Bowser craved to take from him as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo's Powerful Biscuits!", making him the mightiest in my own universe. I would even be the slightest bit surprised if someone thought I wasn't FROM this world!!
    • Scoobo always has an innate drive to fight strong opponents and is eager to test my own limits against an even BIGGER challenge that approaches the likes of Scoobo! (ex. Eggface in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Difference? What Difference?"). Even then, Scoobo is capable of putting it all aside, to fight for a common cause. Despite this, Scoobo is very "sportsman-like" when it comes to fighting and never kills the opponent mindlessly unless they do SOMETHING that forces his hand.
    • Scoobo is remarkably effective at applying themselves once properly motivated, able to quickly comprehend the situation and likewise learn the basics of anything presented to me, if not master it.
  14. If you haven't noticed... I've gotten smarter and more resourceful over the years. Scoobo went from being a "heroic and skilled" person while having many humorous, goofy, and over-the-top moments most of the time. To become more of a sensible person that has been taken a little more seriously. Prime examples of these include two videos "SSJ Plush Short: Maximum Coolness" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!".
    • Because of this, Scoobo has become more alert and responsible than ever BEFORE! An example of this is me being quite protective of his biscuits and weaponry so nobody uses them for malicious intent as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Scoobo's Powerful Biscuits!" and "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!". So the ways I get back at worthless FIENDS who were in the wrong (i.e Eggman, Sith Cynical, and Bowser for example) are ALWAYS warranted!!!
  15. I've provided fun quotes throughout that people enjoy listening to, due to Scoobo constantly hamming up his lines for GREAT MEASURE WITH MY PLEASURE; like,
    • “It's Scoobo Pussies!! ... Me and Sonic are here to KICK YOUR ASS!!!!”
    • “Objective Mission, Complete: "Get Eggman scrambled and roasted, or roasted and scrambled!" WIITTH THHE POWEEERR OOFF, Scoobo!!
    • “Oooh yeah now I can fly now bitch!!
    • “Never touch my biscuits, bitch!!
    • “Scoobo the Sheriff, to the Rescue! 🎵Dah DeeDee Dah Dee Dah!🎵”
    • “Ooh, yyeah! Now that's ANOTHER point, AND complete! I am AWESOME!
    • “If you wanna, want me to play again, you know who to call again: SCOOBO!!
    • “Up, up, and supeeerr, Scoobo!!!”
    • “Ahhh oh, fuck! Uhhhgh oh, my, god. Dude, what THE, PHTFUCK!?!
    • “Damn, geez man you don't have to be, a dick!!”
    • SCOOBOOOOOE! Oh what, whawha is this? Oh what does this do?”
    • “Oh yeah, that's super obvious, Scoobo! Hold on, Scoooo, boe!!”
    • “Ssscoobo!!!! Yeah, yeah you weren't expecting this!”
    • Re Scoooboe!!! Scoobo's here!!”
    • “Scoobo loves his jobs, you got high yesterday!!”
    • “Scoobo Team, Awaaaay!!!!”
    • “It's the Scoobo Team, Dumbass!!”
    • “How does failure taste Eggy Weggy?”
    • “Good! Now you're getting the taste of death!!”
    • “Where can he be? (gasp) the closet is almost open! Hm, let me sure, lemme set my chainsaw to "Death Kill". It's over 9000!”
    • “Found you MOTHER FUCKER!!
    • “Ooof, ow, my, friggin, ASS again!!”
    • “That's right fat belly.
    • “He's right there having problems with his mobile, failing to get up, like a fatass he is. Now go get 'em.”
    • “ (gasp) Scoobo call! (runs up his chair and charges at Eggman) SCOOBO STRIKE! Where's the ball!? (ball squeaking)”
    • “Shut the FUCK up Eggman I'm trying to stretch my neck!”
    • “Oh. No. It doesn't consider a story of cheesecake, or whatever. It has to do with a story called: "Shut the Fuck Up, Before The Deadly, Guitar Rapes Your ASS"”
    • “You know I admire your honesty, you can come over to my house and have, a festival full of soda.”
    • “This is too boring for me to hear.”
    • “WooHoo! Awesome day for Scoobo!!”
    • “Crossword your reason, why you did not get up, when I was doing: line inspection.”
    • “That burned my ass.”
    • “Flyyy myself to dooooooom!

Scoobo's Bad Qualities

  1. Scoobo's role in the show has been shown in a pretty vague and inconsistent way before the SSL Series Show (and the show that came after) characterized me as the charismatic, cheery Scoobo that you all know and love today!
    • Especially since I started off as a very random, generic character with constant changes to my character before he was characterized in the SSL Series Show and the SSJ Era.
      • From being some... FNAF animatronic wannabe antagonist named "Scoop Dogmatronic" in the channel's 2015 parody trailer video "Five Nights At Scoops Maze Trailer", to a... a scrapped movie called "Sonic And Marios Night At The Treasure Island" where I was going to be depicted as a nuisance that annoys and messes with Sonic just for his enjoyment. And when I saw that I was GOING to be voiced by a little GIRL.... (all of this alone made enough SENSE on why the creator, Joseph himself, wanted to NEVER have it seen to the public eye online, I'd be very embarrassed too!!). To then later become a loyal "comic-relief" friend to Sonic and co you've seen in a 2015 video "Sonic Juice! (Plush Juice)".
    • I've had a history of jobs I don't share that often with, because I usually don't want everyone to know THAT MUCH about me y'know. But now that it's a good place and time to, I'll share that I've temporarily worked at some pizza place in the episode "SSL Movie: Sonic Orders A Pizza", to working as the town sheriff to the good 'ol Frog Goodman upon earning the rank of it in the episode "SSL Movie: The Sheriff!!", to be the protective deputy of Sonic that I am TODAY! Considering that the wiki has implied to have many things and traits about being in the military like being a soldier and high in power like a colonel does, the show itself never told viewers if Scoobo is a colonel or soldier with ranks despite being a sheriff and Scoobo's very own trivia section of SSJ fandom wiki confirming Scoobo's entire backstory before meeting Sonic in the first place as of 2006. And I mean... that's a LONG amount of time I'll say!!
    • There are times when I got sidelined over other characters by sharing the spotlight (despite being a major character) and Scoobo wasn't given enough screentime for his comedic/badass nature sometimes, which would make me seem like a side character in the early episodes of the SSJ Era at times; Thankfully, this goes away from some time and becomes less of a problem.
  2. Despite being admirable and all, I've said or done things that'd come off as somewhat provocative, or Scoobo's sadistic, over-the-top shticks can sometimes be a little too much of an impression that I have corrupting qualities even though I really mean well.
    • Especially in Scoobo's boisterous and sometimes.. blunt nature, either intentionally or unintentionally. Whether it was meant to be played for lighthearted & jokey purposes or not. What I did was often done all for getting kicks out of the fun of torturing evildoers (or those he considers to be minor antagonists like that rat Mickey!) more often than not, which can make him a little bit of a thrill-seeking and sadistic vigilante despite being heroic and well-intentioned. Examples of these include;
      • Being harsh or even violent towards the ever so, incompetent Eggman, Mickey, or Mario (when he was possessed by Sith Cynical to be revealed up till the video: "SSJ Plush Adventure: Readapted Super Mario!"; Scoobo at the very least, treats the real Super Mario with proper respect and sympathy upon finding this out and killing off Sith Cynical for GOOD, meaning that Scoobo wasn't in the wrong for what he did to the fake "Mario" anyways!).
      • While it felt glorious, and hilarious in its entirety, but I blew up Eggman's fortress as a prank Sonic told Scoobo to do so in the episode "SSL Movie: Sonic's Big Mistake!!"; which got Eggman coming back to the Animal Kingdom, to attack him, me and the gang vengefully. And yeah... I regret how that felt! And... I was so... foolish in thinking I'd be able to stop a giant ship UNPREPARED! I learned for the future thankfully!
      • Albeit done for comedic purposes, from 2017 to 2018, Scoobo often can swear a lot and sometimes use a lot of slurs in a comedic context. At least I didn't say anything THAT offensive other than ONE word.
  3. From 2016 to 2019, Scoobo has had his moments of being kind of a joke. Doing strange and random things made some viewers think of Scoobo as stupid or ridiculous (ex. relaxing on a calendar and calling it a bed or attempting to walk with giant sandals that were too expensive as seen in "SSJ Plush Adventure: The Spring!" or spouting out his name while not noticing Eggman's brainwashing scheme in "SSJ Plush Adventure: Confusion"), having my moments of weaknesses being played with too much (e.g the physical abuse that includes moments of physical comedy in countless videos like "SSJ Plush Short: Eggman's Terrible Plan!" and "SSJ Plush Short: Eggman's Scientifical Plan!"; like oh my oh MY! I be twerking upon getting stuck on the stick on a foosball table like brohoho! I mean! You get it dude!), and having Scoobo's fair share of mistakes in general like being somewhat blunt and cheeky about the shortcomings of others at times, especially for calling dumb people "retards" like Sith Cynical's persona as Mario for trying to charge at Scoobo with a sandal and missing him, to the point of Scoobo enjoying "Mario" being miserable as seen in "SSJ Plush Short: Mario's Goofy Stupidity". This was improved in future videos as discussed in WSR#12, even if you HAVEN'T noticed!
    • Alongside Sonic, I can have some dialogue that can be considered outdated (if not cheesy) or just incoherent (much like many other characters) on occasion, like saying wordy vocab like "groovy" in the video "SSJ Plush Short: Maximum Coolness!" for example as an example of mild slang. Just felt like I had to admit that.

Scoobo's Videos

Scoobo's Trivia

  • Whenever I fly in an action-packed scene: the instrumental of "Let Me Clear My Throat" plays, where his behavior & action scenes with being heroic in a violent way, which is SO fun for me to do! This was something that the creator, Joseph, felt was like a coincidental homage to Hancock (2008); the same protagonist who also has superpowers, can fly, has a bit of an attitude, and has a comedic touch to his heroic and/or uncompromising behavior. It makes me all the more HAPPIER that my traits and powers were somewhat INSPIRED by this guy!
  • Much like many plush characters in the 2017-present saga, Scoobo has a recurring theme song whenever he is on-screen. Albeit them being borrowed soundtracks of percussion drumsets with military melodies and the song "Funky Kong" by DK64, all of which were meant to enforce military vibes to Scoobo's background.
  • I was originally created to be the heroic, fearless, manly, hammy, and badass version of Scooby-Doo. A dog who, I'm well aware of being a canine I look JUST like him! Sometimes people even call me Scooby, before Scoobo has to do the SCOOBO Routine!! And I was even BORN, 2 months, before the cartoon was even aired!!
  • Scoobo is one of the many major characters that are easily considered fan favorites as shown on this page. I'm listed as Number Two! As cool as an igloo!! Wait a second.. When did I start rhyming and... doing it with such decent TIMING!? Oh well, I did show and TELL!

Pages I've created:


Fanon characters


Pages I've Restored

+ Which comes from Candidates for deletion. I can also help fix pages that are marked with Cleanup on it.

  • Pepsiman
  • Sam from the Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Guy from the Netflix series Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Felix the Cat (which was nearly deleted btw)
  • Tom and Jerry‎ (which actually WAS deleted for having 'short writing'.)
  • Donald Duck (which was also deleted for having qualities that seemed 'mediocre'.)
  • Patrick Star‎ (who was nearly deleted for how 'controversial' he was.

Pages I've Personally Deleted

  • TBT

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And NOW! The main, attraction!

Guile Hero

Snapshot 102.png

The guile hero is a hero who uses wit, charm, and skill to mislead and set up the bad guys, while The Chessmaster is often devoted to grander schemes. They operate by playing politics and manipulating the bad guys, the Guile Hero trades swords and guns (or science and technology) for charm, wit, political and/or financial acumen, and in-depth knowledge of human nature. Nevertheless, they still commit acts of heroism.

Why This Trope Rocks

  1. Similar to tricksters and troublemaker heroes, they seek opportunities to extend their curiosity about the world around them and gain new knowledge and wisdom in the process.
    • In fact, many fictional heroes and heroines have something to relate with living through life experience to know for the better. This is not just a coincidence, many of them go into the unknown and explore. They may have risks to take, but they always think before they act.
  2. This trope can add both comedy and some inspirational badassery to the characters' personalities with their high intelligence, quick wits, and some subtlety with their levels of common sense.
    • Their quick-thinking shenanigans can be fun to watch, as they are often the source of conflict and resolving it, which is what the hero uses to drive the story.
  3. They take the fact that everyone makes mistakes and what matters is that we learn from them. As such, they inspire you to keep important thoughts when you need them the most.
  4. They inspire the audience to think things through, use what you know when push comes to shove, and have the courage to stand up for what they know is right in order to do what's right, even when it is not expected of them.
  5. Much like anti-heroes, guile heroes can be easy to relate to. There are people that do enjoy learning and familiarizing themselves to the point of using the knowledge that they know for their own advantage that can help anybody in the long term, so they identify with the protagonist's desire to think outside the box.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Sometimes, some of these guile heroes' tactics to win can be considered annoying, forced, and/or unfunny.
    • Especially when some of them can partake in taunting or something that is just as provocative while their victory ensues.

Examples of well-written guile heroes

  • Aladdin (Aladdin) [A former thief who gets by through trickery]
  • Andy Larkin (What's With Andy?)
  • Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • Batman
  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)
  • Charles Xavier (X-Men)
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog (Courage the Cowardly Dog) [An fearful version of this]
  • Cyclops (X-Men)
  • Doctor Strange (Marvel)
  • Felix the Cat (Felix the Cat/The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat)
  • Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller) [Having some clever strategies to deceive the villains despite skipping school and being a troublemaker]
  • Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball) [After Season 1]
  • Heloise (Jimmy Two-Shoes) [Whenever she decides to side with Jimmy.]
  • Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon) [The brains over brawn scenario]
  • Iron Man (Marvel)
  • Jerry Mouse (Tom and Jerry)
  • John McClane (Die Hard)
  • Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)
  • Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • Malcolm Wilkerson (Malcolm in the Middle) [A teen genius who, like his brothers, has a mischievous and rebellious streak.]
  • Mario (SMG4) [Suprisingly, he has his clever and intelligent moments of being this in later seasons, all while being the Idiot Hero that he is.]
  • Penny and Brain the dog (Inspector Gadget) [The duo are this in comparison to Inspector Gadget being a Idiot Hero.]
  • Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) [A thrill-seeking trickster with some levels of wit despite being an troublemaking Action Hero]
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman

Examples of poorly-written guile heroes

  • Allen Gregory (Allen Gregory)
  • Alvey Avery (Son of the Mask)
  • Max Mercer (Home Sweet Home Alone)
  • Herman (Herman and Katnip) [Being the Karma Houdini version of this]
  • Golly Gopher (Re-Animated)
  • Jane (Telltale's The Walking Dead)
  • Jerry Mouse (Tom and Jerry, Gene Deitch era)
  • Rayman (Rayman: The Animated Series)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) [Some moments of him acting like a smug Karmic Trickster type of character {i.e Bugs Bunny} can be rather forced and contrived instead of just poorly written.]

Not So Harmless Villain

Snapshot 109.png

The not so harmless villain is a villain that nobody can take seriously most of the time despite what kinds of threats they always try imposing.

This is often due to how comedic, inefficient, and/or ridiculous they generally are, and for how much they lose to the point where the heroes poke fun at them for their failures and flaws. Except, unlike a Harmless Villain (a villain who doesn't pose any real threat), an Not So Harmless Villain goes from being depicted as comical, seemingly harmless, or ineffectual to actually having their moments of being much more threatening than people originally thought.

Why This Trope Rocks

  1. Their goofy and/or comedic traits as seemingly bumbling villains are downright perfect for amusement value.
  2. At the same time, their glorious moments of actually posing a threat to the heroes without any setbacks or obstacles being present, makes them rather formidable and badass in a way.
  3. This characterization gives them a fair amount of character development for how skillful they can be despite being the underdogs with their more heroic rivals.
  4. Much like Laughably Evil villains, they tend to have a sense of humor and some form of comedic charm/likeability while posing a threat at the same time.
  5. While they tend to be the object of ridicule, never succeed, and are often looked down upon by the heroes. But their moments of being taken seriously and actually succeed at their villainous actions makes them out to be enjoyably menacing and/or intimidating.
  6. This trope somewhat inspires those who are rebels and/or recluses to beat the odds to achieve their own personal goals because of a certain motive or benefit at achieving a self-gratuitous goal, no matter how wicked or implausible.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes, their comedic and ineffectual traits can come off as tiresome, stale, predictable, and/or forced.
  2. Some of these villains tend to pose no serious threat or are too harmless to pose a serious threat, nor succeed at their plans due to stupidity, immaturity, insecurity, being overly nice to a fault, or being fallible to a greater extent.

Examples of well-written not so harmless villains

  • Bianca (Spyro: Year of the Dragon)
  • Mr. Crocker (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik "Eggman" (Sonic the Hedgehog; His AoStH incarnation especially)
  • Dr. Strangeglove (Moshi Monsters)
  • Dimentio (Super Paper Mario)
  • Dr. Wily (Megaman)
  • Eric Cartman (South Park)
  • Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Glass Joe (Punch-Out!!)
  • Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Harry and Marv (Home Alone 1 & 2)
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb)
  • Ice King (Adventure Time)
  • Lex Luthor (Superman Returns)
  • Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder)
  • Lucius (Jimmy Two-Shoes)
  • Megamind (Megamind)
  • Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Owen Burnett (Gargoyles)
  • Pain and Panic (Hercules)
  • Sheldon J. Plankton (SpongeBob Squarepants)
  • Scar & The Hyenas (The Lion King; the latter especially)
  • Scarecrow (Batman the Animated Series)
  • Scratch and Grounder (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Shaw (Open Season)
  • Team Rocket (Pokemon)
  • The Box Ghost (Danny Phantom)
  • The Pakleds (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1987)
  • The Urpneys (The Dreamstone)
  • Yosemite Sam (Looney Tunes)

Examples of poorly-written not so harmless villains

Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain

ISV image.png

An ineffectual sympathetic villain is a common type of villain/antagonist that appears in many shows, cartoons, comics, etc. They all are zealous, persistent, and seek to achieve their plans of defeating the protagonists in any way, shape, and form. Still, they are very incompetent at carrying out their underhanded strategies and actions that they come off as either a pushover or a joke to the show (sometimes to the point where viewers can make fun of their failures and mistakes). This can come from villains that fail to be fearsome due to stupidity, clumsiness, gullibility, overconfidence, fallibility, and foolishness, or it can come from having the worst kind of bad luck.
This is often taken to the point that it's possible to feel sorry for them because of how much they fail to be successful villains, especially if the viewers can understand their motives and reasons for why they want to succeed in their endeavors.

Why This Trope Rocks

  1. While their ineffectual traits are perfect for the entertainment value of poking fun at their incompetence and blunders, it also builds up sympathy at the same time for how much they fail and what they go through whenever their failures take place.
  2. Some of these villains have a sense of humor, wit, and some form of comedic charm to their bumbling nature.
  3. Speaking of the two pointers mentioned above, this trope just so happens to blend the mixture between an ambitious villain and a Butt-Monkey at the same time.
  4. Sometimes, despite being villains, their determined yet fundamentally ill-starred characterization often makes you genuinely root for them to succeed at their plans and ambitions after seeing how much they've already failed and were defeated by their more successful rivals.
  5. Speaking of the pointer above, this trope somewhat has a "Determinator" vibe in the sense of inspiring those to stay determined and never give up their goals to achieve their pursuits and motives, no matter what the odds are actually stacked against you.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Sometimes, their ineffectual traits can come off as boring, predictable, unfunny, contrived, or forced; often in the levels of being practically the villainous embodiment of a Butt-Monkey. This can make you root for them way too much despite being the antagonists, especially since their rivals win over them all the time.

Examples of well-written ineffectual sympathetic villains

Examples of poorly-written ineffectual sympathetic villains


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Mama Luigi (SuperMarioLogan) - An beloved plush character in the early days of YouTube and SuperMarioLogan itself, who was a well-remembered character for his hilarious stupidity and being very entertaining as a wacky idiot.
Mojo Jojo (The Powerpuff Girls) - An lovable supervillain who is well remembered for his comedic traits like his catchphrase "Curses!" and his relatable nature.
The Red Guy (Cow and Chicken) - An extremely hilarious, naked devil who is a comic-relief maniac for an "antagonist" that is very flamboyant, effeminate, and enjoyably bizarre.
Pig (Barnyard) - An comedic deuteragonist who is universally remembered for his "Viewer Mail" cutaways.
Otis the Cow - A talking cow who had a bad beginning, but showed major redemption as lovably mischievous if childishly foolish leader.
Dr. Weird (Aqua Teen Hunger Force) - A hilariously weird mad-scientist who comes up with the most random ideas and the strangest inventions ever made!
Mario (SMG4) - A hilarious, lazy anti-hero who can be very sympathetic, witty, and likable outside of his selfishness, idiocy and oddball nature.
Batman - The Justice League member that lost his parent when he was a kid and then avenges them by training to the point where he becomes one of the most liked heroes to exist.
Johnny Bravo - An comedic, likable egomaniac who is obsessed with dating women, who often fails at doing just that in hilarious ways. To the point of getting character development.
Sonic the Hedgehog - A fast and blue hedgehog who has become one of the biggest icons of video games.
Dr. Robotnik (Sonic The Hedgehog) - The universally beloved mad scientist who is the biggest icon of video game villains to date.
AVGN - The universally inspirational bookworm. Despite being called the "nerd", his characteristics of criticizing and destroying badly/poorly made video games out of rage have led to countless YouTubers being influenced by his iconic breakdowns/over-the-top skits.
Tom and Jerry - The biggest icons of cat-vs.-mouse duos in cartoon history.
Harry and Marv (Home Alone) - Two iconic burglars who are universally remembered for their comedic slapstick antics towards the resourceful Kevin McCallister.
Crash Bandicoot - One of the most iconic video game characters in existence.
Bugs Bunny - An huge icon of cartoons.
Donkey Kong - Mario's former enemy that managed to return with his own spin-off game after being replaced with Bowser.
Garfield - The biggest icon in comic book history.
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Homer Simpson - An icon of adult cartoons
Foghorn Leghorn - An garrulous yet extremely funny, hammy, and cheeky cartoon character
Pepsiman - An fumbling yet diligent protagonist who was well known for his unforgettable theme song, his antics and his accident-prone buffoonery.
Sylvester Pussycat - One of the most underrated cartoon cats of all time. Unlucky and jerkish, but nevertheless extremely entertaining, sympathetic, lovable, and a hilarious ineffectual anti-villain/anti-hero.
Iron Man - The man underneath armor that is basically the Marvel version of Batman.
Hugh Neutron - An hilarious, kooky, bumbling, moronic yet optimistic, likable father to Jimmy who, along with many characters like his son and Carl, have spawned a ton of memes.
Carl Wheezer - An lovable friend to Jimmy who is nerdy, insecure, and hilarious. He along with many characters like Jimmy and Hugh Neutron, have spawned a ton of memes.
Edna Mode - An extremely expressive and supportive side character who helps Bob and Helen with their heroic status and their insecurities along the way.
Will Smith (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) - An entertaining, likable troublemaker who provides tons of light-hearted hilarity and has character development along with everyone.
Ralph Wiggum (The Simpsons) - An lovable, dim-witted, clueless goofball who has a kind heart and is so quirky to the point it's hilarious.
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Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AOSTH) - The funniest and wackiest portrayal of Dr. Eggman ever made, on top of being the most prominent members of YTPs and Internet memes.
Squidward Tentacles - The most relatable and realistic character in the entire SpongeBob series.
Bertram Winkle (Jessie) - The most hilarious butler to grace the screen, being the "Squidward" of the series and the American embodiment of Niles from The Nanny.
Constantine (Muppets Most Wanted) - Entertaining doppelganger villain of Kermit who is the world's most dangerous frog and number one criminal.
Gromit (Wallace and Gromit) - The smartest dog and the greatest sidekick in all of Claymation, one who's snarky yet never talks to show how expressive he is!
Napoleon and Lafayette (The Aristocats) - The funniest duo of dogs and the most underappreciated/overlooked comic-reliefs in Disney history.
Eek (Eek! The Cat) - The kindest and most sympathetic feline protagonist ever made during the 90s era, one who puts up with a mean-spirited environment.
Vector (Despicable Me) - One of the funniest and most memorable joke villains in movie history, one who is hilarious and humorous but effectively became the main antagonist of the first movie even!
Genie (Aladdin) - A humorous Robin-Williams personified genie who is simply powerful and hilarious
Raven (Teen Titans) - The coolest Goth Titan ever.
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Denzel Crocker - An hilariously obsessed sadist for a teacher who gets more explored as a character with a certain level of sympathy and serves as Timmy and the Fairy's true archenemy.
Oogie Boogie - The most memorable 'gambling man' in Halloween form, and a euphonious sadist of a bogeyman with such an unforgettable Villain Song.
Mr. Tinkles (Cats & Dogs) - One of the funniest feline villains in any generic "Cat vs. Dog" movie, and being the best character in the film he starred in!
The Grinch - The pure definition of the term "Love to Hate" and with a Villain Song to match, one we all genuinely love and at one point, sympathize with even!
SMG4 - A recolored version of Mario that has a tendency to act weird and bizarre, with his role often changing.

Lightning McQueen (real name Montgomery) is the main character of the Cars franchise. He's a famous race car who has a winning desire which caused some conflict for himself and others. All that is changed when he enters a small town called Radiator Springs after an incident.


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