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Custom 1I may be misguided sometimes. But I am always open-minded enough to work on improving or fixing my mistakes, much to the point that I am more enlightened and informed than usual (albeit to a skilled and coherent degree).
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Real nameJay (aka Mr. Imprecise)
BirthdayMarch 7th
About meI am a curious editor, I like to help edit pages whenever possible and can show competence in my efforts. As my alias real name implies, I ain't perfect when it comes to grammar (this is better shown when typing down topics into sentences that instead come off as run-on sentences as a prime example of this) albeit having a good grasp of the English language in general when typing or speaking. Despite this, I can learn a new perspective from other editors/etc & am open-minded for suggestions with my writing, word usage, etc. And remember this, NONE of us (or in fact, anyone) are exactly perfect, but we can strive for excellence at the very least.

I like to edit my sandbox seen here: https://greatcharacters.miraheze.org/wiki/User:ExploringEditor/sandbox

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