Toge Inumaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

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Toge Inumaki
"Salmon, tuna tuna, salted roe (Yes, I'm on the Incredible Characters Wiki page)!"
Gender: Male
Type: Silent But Powerful Sorcerer
Age: 16 years old (prequel)
17 years old (current)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Koki Uchiyama (Japanese)
Xander Mobus (English)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Jujutsu Kaisen

Toge Inumaki is one of the supportive protagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen and its prequel, Jujutsu Kaisen: 0. He is the descendant of the Inumaki family, possessing the "Snake and Fangs" seal and the powerful cursed technique called Cursed Speech. Toge is also a second-year student (Along with Yuta Okkotsu, Maki Zenin, and Panda) and a Semi-Grade 1 sorcerer at Jujutsu High in Tokyo.

Salmon (Why He Rocks)

  1. Along with Yuta and Kyoto Jujutsu High's Aoi Todo, Noritoshi Kamo, and Ultimate Mechamaru, he is one of the strongest sorcerer students to exist in terms of his cursed technique that holds a greater amount of cursed energy.
  2. Because of his powerful cursed technique, he limits his words to onigiri rice ball ingredients in order to protect himself and his friends, and he is aware of the downsides of his Cursed Speech, so he won't get harmed and overpowered.
  3. He has a cute character design, especially with his "Snakes and Fangs" seal markings on his tongue and around both sides of his mouth, which are usually covered by his zipped-up collar or his face mask to keep his volume down.
    • The series' author Gege Akutami decided to change Toge's hairstyle into a resemblance of a "pretty-boy" image in his second-year appearance, so it won't look similar to that of Yuji Itadori or Satoru Gojo.
  4. He has great friendship with everyone at Tokyo Jujutsu High, especially Panda and Yuta.
  5. Despite being easily misunderstood (see BQ #3), he is truly a kind and selfless person. When he learned that he is similar to Yuta in terms of situations, Toge managed to open up to him through his actions.
  6. Aside from his generally aloof nature, he often shows his adorably playful personality (as seen in Juju Stroll Episode 10 (8 in total), for example), which makes him more funny and likable compared to Panda and Satoru.
  7. His one-liners containing his onigiri rice ball ingredients and his cursed techniques are memorable for a Cursed Speech user.
  8. Like Yuji and Maki, he is athletically skilled and agile, especially in baseball, even though he is not physically strong.
  9. Despite having little amount of dialogue, his voice actors in many different languages did a great job voicing him.

Bonito Flakes (Bad Qualities)

  1. He has a minor role in the series' biggest story arc, "The Shibuya Incident." However, he does have an important job to evacuate the people in Shibuya to safety with his Cursed Speech and megaphone from the Cursed Spirits' attacks.
    1. So far in the series, Toge is remained absent in later story arcs after the Shibuya Incident.
  2. There are couple of times Toge overused his Cursed Speech to the point he coughed up blood as a painful drawback of his cursed technique; although, for example, he tried to sacrifice himself and protect Megumi Fushiguro and Kamo while fighting against Hanami.
  3. According to Panda, he is easily a misunderstood person, letting others like Yuta consider him "intimidating" originally.


  • According to the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook:
    • His birthday is on October 23.
    • He enrolled to Tokyo Jujutsu High via family lineage.
    • His hobby is watching YouTube videos (mukbang, in particular).
    • His favorite food is tuna mayo onigiri rice balls.
    • His least favorite food is fish eggs.
    • His source of stress is morning assembly.
  • Because of his Cursed Speech, he tends to speak in onigiri rice ball ingredients:
    • Salmon = affirmation
    • Bonito Flakes = negation
    • Kelp = greeting
    • Everything else is gibberish.
  • Toge shares the same birthday as Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill.


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