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    The Flash (Arrowverse)

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    The Flash
    The Flash (Arrowverse) 2.png
    "My name is Barry Allen, and I'm the fastest man alive."
    Gender: Male
    Type: Nerdy, Witty, Goofy Hero with Super Speed
    Age: 32
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Grant Gustin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Arrow ("The Scientist", debut)
    The Flash ("Pilot")

    Bartholomew Henry Allen (or Barry), also known by his superhero alter ego The Flash, is a fictional character based on the iconic DC Comics character of the same name. He first appears in the two Arrow episodes "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts", the latter having him struck by lightning in his lab, hinting that he will become The Flash in the future. His own show of the same name picks up where we last saw Barry, as we see him discovering his powers and learning to use them to stop evil metahumans and criminals. The show is positively received, although the later seasons (mainly 5, 6, and 8) have mixed receptions, with Season 7 being mostly negative and is regarded as "the worst season of the series." This incarnation is portrayed by Grant Gustin.

    Why He is the Fastest Man Alive

    1. He is nice and a kind person to his friends and family throughout the series.
    2. He is mostly accurate to his comic counterpart, as he is a smart and witty protagonist, like in the comics.
    3. Incredible acting by Grant Gustin. Many Flash and DC comics fans consider him the best actor who has portrayed the Flash as his portrayal is more comic-accurate.
    4. He thinks through things before going into battle, yet another trait from his comic-book counterpart.
    5. The costumes he has worn throughout the show look great, although this cannot be said for his Season 5 suit.
    6. He has iconic moments throughout the series such as...
      • Barry deforming a tornado by running in the opposite way that the tornado spins.
      • Barry running at supersonic speed and performing the supersonic punch for the first time.
      • In the S1 finale, he talks to his mother one final time as she dies. This scene is emotional due to Barry having to see his mother die a second time.
      • His fight with the Reverse-Flash.
      • His conversation with his future time remnant self.
      • Him meeting his future children.
      • And more...

    7. He cares about saving people, even if they are bad. One example is when Caitlin becomes Killer Frost, he encourages her to kill him with an icicle in an attempt to get her back to normal. This ultimately works as she turns back and hugs Barry. 8. He has really heart to heart converstations with Kara Danvers, Oliver Queen, Jefferson Pierce, and Meena Dhawan.

    Bad Qualities

    1. As mentioned in WHR #5, his Season 5 suit was not well received as it was a downgrade to the suits that came before it. The cowl looks horrendous. In some scenes, it looks like it doesn't even fit him.
    2. He is sometimes unlikable, as soon as he found out his daughter was working with Thawne, he acted like he couldn't trust her and locked her in the pipeline without asking her and trying to understand why she did it. What makes it worse is that he sent Nora to the future and left her there. His wife, Iris confronts him for this. Another example is when visiting Thawne in ARGUS' supermax prison facility about a new mystery speedster, as he originally thought Thawne got his speed back and was the new speedster, he taunts Eobard about him being replaced. (This video alone will show you why Thawne, the overused version of him anyway, has a page on the Loathsome Characters Wiki) It really isn't a big deal but it can unlikable to some, depending on who you ask.
    3. He can't think for himself sometimes as he constantly relies on his friends to tell him what to do when he is intelligent and should know what to do. This is justifiable in the earlier seasons (1-4) as he is still learning.



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