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    Scorpia (Netflix Reboot)

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    Scorpia (Netflix Reboot)
    I am brave, strong, loyal, and give great hugs. And I am going to be the best friend that I CAN BE!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Honorable Right-Hand
    Species: Scorpioni
    Portrayed by: Lauren Ash
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: She-Ra and the Princesses of PowerBTVSW

    Scorpia is a former villainess-turned-heroine from the Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

    Why She Rocks

    1. Despite being part of the Horde, she's much nicer than the other members, even acting affable towards the Rebellion (most of the time). A stark contrast to her 1980s counterpart.
    2. She's a self-porclaimed "hugger", and whenever she demonstrates this, it's just straight-up adorable.
    3. Her character design is much better than her 1980s counterpart, as she's much cuter and more attractive.
    4. Despite the fact that Catra is an awful friend to her, she continues to be nice to her and offer her support. She doesn't stop caring for her even when Catra is being the worst!
    5. When she finally decides that she doesn't deserve how Catra has been treating her, she calls her out for being a "bad friend" and leaves with Entrapta's bot Emily and goes to Bright Moon in order to attempt to rescue Entrapta from Beast Island.
    6. When she gains electrokinesis via connecting with the Black Garnet, she becomes one of the most powerful princesses in the Rebellion.
    7. Season 5 has her build a really cute relationship with Perfuma that's also one of the healthiest ones in the show (certainly more than the one she had with Catra during her time at the Horde).
    8. She sees the good in everyone, even while in the Horde. As she quickly warms up to Entrapta when the latter joined the Horde, and she even has an on and off friendship with Sea Hawk, which was both wholesome and hilarious.
    9. She isn't afraid to admit when she's wrong. As shown in season 4, where she continuously defended Catra sending Entrapta to Beast Island, until she realized she betrayed both of them, and finally got the courage to leave the Horde and join the Rebellion.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Despite being as nice as she is, she did participate in some of the Horde's plans such as the attack on Princess Prom and Adora's capture.
    2. She originally disliked Adora due to her jealously of her relationship with Catra. Luckily, she gets over this once she realizes Catra's a bad friend.
    3. After Catra sent Entrapta to Beast Island, she stayed quiet and didn't do anything about it until Princess Scorpia, but considering how Catra threatened to send her along with the latter, it's hard to blame her entirely.


    • Noelle Stevenson claimed that if Scorpia had a favorite band it would be Fleetwood Mac.
    • Scorpia revealed that Kyle apparently told her that he had a crush on Rogelio a while back.
    • Scorpia's astrological sign is Cancer, also known as the crab, which is somewhat ironic given she's a scorpion.
    • Lauren Ash confirmed in a 2019 interview that Scorpia grew up in the Horde and has never considered a life outside the Horde.


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