Raven (Teen Titans Go!)

Raven (Teen Titans GO!)
Raven TTG.jpeg
"Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!"
Gender: Female
Type: Nice, most mature GO! Titan
Age: 14-15
Species: Half-Azarathian
Portrayed by: Tara Strong
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!

Raven is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the five main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. Her demonic-inherited powers from her father, Trigon, are a significant asset to the team, but when not in combat, she generally prefers to keep to herself. She’s the most tolerable out of the team in this bad reboot.

Good Qualities

  1. Out of all of the Teen Titans in the terrible reboot, she remains the only likable one and most mature in the group.
  2. She retains most of the likeable personality her original incarnation had.
  3. We can understand her anger with her teammate’s obnoxious behaviors.
  4. She cares about her team and her crush/boyfriend, Beast Boy, very much and looks out for them.
  5. While she does bad things sometimes like the rest of her team, she does get her comeuppance sometimes.
  6. She cares about saving the world in more episodes than the rest of her teammates.
  7. She has a very passable redesign, and she is kind of cute.
  8. At least she admits that the original Raven is better than her, as stated in the episodes “The Cape” and "The Fourth Wall", and this is unique that a pretty tolerable character says that her original counterpart is better than her. This gives Raven a greater depth than most other characters in the series.
  9. She is a bit more powerful than her original series’ counterpart.
  10. She is much more smart and witty than her teammates.
  11. She is often funny and charismatic, which is good.
  12. She definitely teaches more good morals than the rest of her team.
  13. We can sympathize with her for having a rough life with her demon father, prior to joining the Titans.
  14. She and Starfire share good chemistry.
  15. And we can understand the fact she likes Pretty Pretty Pegasus, because it helps keep her sane.
  16. She has great action, like during the first movie, where at the end she uses her magical demon powers to help her team defeat Slade.
  17. She has some heartwarming moments with her team. For example, in the first movie, she (and the other Titans) tells Robin that he may not be a huge famous superhero, but he is a really good superhero to her.
  18. Tara Strong does a good job voicing her, just like her original counterpart.
  19. She was at her best in Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where she (and the rest of the team) comforts Robin when he is feeling down from being considered not a hero by the other DC heroes.
  20. In the episode "Caged Tiger", she redeems Doctor Light along with Starfire to be a better person until Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg come at the end of the episode.
  21. She’s likable in "Crossover Nexus" (the biggest CN crossover ever, from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes), as she helps Ben, Garnet, and K.O. defeat the villain threatening to destroy their worlds.
  22. While Titans (2018) is also a bad show, TTG Raven is also better than her live-action incarnation.

Bad Qualities

  1. Although not as much as her teammates, she was still flanderized in this reboot as she became a hypocritical, short-tempered, and evil demon who is extremely ruthless to anyone. But she still kept most of her charm.
  2. She can be very unlikeable sometimes, but she definitely doesn’t have as many unlikable moments as the rest of her team.
  3. She isn’t always a hero, similar to the rest of her team.
  4. While her redesign is cute, it is mostly mediocre.
    • Speaking of which, she even looks more like a fifth-grade kid instead of a teenager.
  5. The show usually focuses on her life instead of fighting crime.
  6. Her voice can be too loud and annoying sometimes as Tara Strong would scream and shout a majority of her lines.
  7. She isn’t always funny, as she can sometimes have some unfunny and gross-out moments.
  8. She’s normally a Karma Houdini, as she usually gets away with her bad actions like the rest of her team.
  9. She was at her worst in "Nose Mouth" where she put curses on the Titans and later Jump City just because they didn't let her play with her pretty Pegasus toys, which is a sign of her selfishness.
  10. She normally can’t handle criticism whenever it comes up, similar to the rest of her team.
  11. She isn't really as better as her original series counterpart, despite being the most likable.
  12. She along with Robin and Starfire, were incredibly unlikable in TTG v PPG as they wouldn't stop being huge jerks to The Powerpuff Girls and kept mocking them for being older than them and were also being hypocrites.



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