Type: Akatsuki Leader
Age: 35
Species: Human (Nagato)
Lifeless corpse (as Yahiko's body)
Portrayed by: Junpei Morita (Japanese)
Ken'yū Horiuchi/Troy Baker (Pain)
Tomoaki Maeno (Child)
Vic Mignogna (English)
Status: Deceased
Media of origin: Naruto

"Religion, ideology, resources, land, love, spite, or just because. No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start a war."

Nagato Uzumaki (in Japanese: うずまき長門, Uzumaki Nagato), better known as Pain (ペイン, Pein) is a major antagonist of the Naruto franchise. He serves as one of the overarching antagonists of Part I of Naruto, the main antagonist of the first half of Part II of Naruto Shippuden. He served as the main antagonist of the Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant arc, a major antagonist in the anime exclusive Six Tails Unleashed arc and the titular main antagonist of the Pain's Assault arc. He is thought to be the leader of the Akatsuki but later revealed to be the second-in-command to Tobi and figurehead leader.

Why His Pain is Still Far Greater Than Ours

  1. He has one of the coolest designs in the entire Naruto series, from his metal pins to his Rinnegan, this is a guy you would not want to mess with.
  2. Seriously, you would not want to mess with him, as he is one of the strongest characters, as he took down a Sannin, multiple ninja including Kakashi, several Jinchuriki and even destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village.
  3. He is one of the coolest characters in the series as well, as he is literally a dead body, no, seriously.
  4. He managed to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village just by using one move, whereas Orochimaru only took 20 years and destroyed parts of the village.
  5. He managed to kill Jiraiya, one of the three legendary Sannin.
  6. Despite the bad animation, his fight with Naruto is one of the most iconic fights in all of anime.
  7. While he never appeared in the classic Naruto series, he did make a small cameo at the end of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, which made many people wonder who he was.
  8. His death made a huge impact on Naruto's life, as he became the hero of the Hidden Leaf after he defeated him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was responsible for many deaths, including Jiraiya's.
  2. Some people may find his design and actions scary.
  3. His fight with Naruto was sadly ruined by bad animation, though it can be funny and spawned the "My pain is far greater than yours" meme, along with the "Never Pause Naruto" meme.
  4. Nagato used Yahiko's body as a Six Path of Pain, rather than burying his body.


  • The name "Nagato" means "long-lasting gate" (長門). He may be named after the famous ninja Fujibayashi Nagato who, in the 16th century, was considered to be one of three greatest Iga jōnin. The other two were Hattori Hanzō (Hanzō's supposed namesake) and Momochi Sandayū (Zabuza Momochi's supposed namesake). In line with his parents, Nagato is also named after a World War II Japanese battleship.
  • Studio Pierrot's Settei sheets of Nagato show that he was 149 cm around the time he killed the Iwa chūnin to protect Yahiko, and 163 cm when Jiraiya left Amegakure.
  • During Kazekage Rescue Mission, Nagato's Rinnegan were depicted with wrong colours due to the Rinnegan not having been illustrated with colours in the manga yet.
  • In keeping with his "God" theme, his theme-song is "Girei" — a haunting theme that consists of holy chanting.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • His hobby was practising ninjutsu.
    • His desired opponent was anyone in order to protect his friends.
    • His favourite food was grilled fish and stew.
    • Nagato's favourite phrase was "The stars are hidden on a rainy night" (雨夜の星, Yuya no hoshi). As a child, it was "Growing up".
    • As Pain, he wished to fight Naruto Uzumaki (or more specifically the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox).




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