Mr. Peabody (2014)

Mr. Peabody is the main protagonist of the DreamWorks's 2014 CGI animated feature film Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Based on the Peabody's Improbable History segments from Rocky and Bullwinkle. He is Sherman's adopted and all loving father. He is voiced by Ty Burrell.

you're a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a world-renowned explorer, and you're an Olympic gold medalist in the long jump and the decathlon. You're sure you're capable of meeting ALL the challenges of raising a human boy?'

Why He Rocks

  1. For starters, he pulled off several amazing accomplishments, including but not limited to;
    • Being a licensed chiropractor.
    • a master gourmand.
    • a two-time Olympic medalist.
    • pioneering new ways of saving energy.
    • finding ways to promote world peace.
    • being able to play any musical instrument
  2. He's also a master swordsman as shown in the fighting scenes, he didn't even mention that in the opening!
  3. He noticed baby Sherman lying around one day, and was willing to adopt him, after getting it approved by a judge. Yep, not only is he a genius, he's also pure of heart.
  4. Speaking of adopting Sherman, he's also an excellent father, who's looks out for him and keeps him safe, plus he was willing to invent time travel, so Sherman could learn history first-hand.
  5. Some of his history-related puns are pretty funny, even if Sherman doesn't understand them.
  6. He made a heroic sacrifice to save Sherman and Penny in the Trojan Horse. (Spoiler alert: He survived the fall and invented another WABAC to return to the modern world. He's that awesome).
  7. He's a nicer person in the 2014 CGI film, than in the original cartoon it's based on. Since this version sees Sherman as an actual son rather than his servant.
  8. His design is incredibly spiffy.
  9. Ty Burrell did a great job voicing him to the point that it's spot-on impressive.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Even though he is a very nice person, he often yells for his son, Sherman.


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