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    Mr. Krabs (seasons 1-5; 11-present, Kamp Koral)

    Mr. Krabs
    Krabs artwork.png
    "Have a Bowl, Mr. Squidward!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Greedy and flawed, but well-meaning businessman
    Age: 80
    Species: Crab
    Portrayed by: Clancy Brown
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

    NOTE: Happy 80th Birthday Mr. Krabs and Plankton!

    "Hello, I like money!" - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

    "Eugene Harold Krabs" (Or commonly known as Mr. Krabs, born November 30, 1942) is on of the main characters of the SpongeBob SquarePants series. He is not only the money-obsessed founder of the Krusty Krab, but he is also the father of Pearl Krabs, the boss of SpongeBob and Squidward, and the business rival of Plankton who owns the Chum Bucket that is right next street to The Krusty Krab.

    Why He's "Armor Abs Krabs"

    1. He does show care about SpongeBob and Pearl other than Squidward, even if he prioritizes money more often than not.
    2. He tells SpongeBob some of his stories about his life, like for example, he was in the navy, which that was in Shell of a Man and he used to have been best friends with Plankton before, that's even in Friend or Foe.
    3. He acts like a real soldier as if he was still at war with another person, but doesn't take his job too seriously.
    4. In Whale of a Birthday, he actually promised Pearl that he would never destroy Pearl's 16th birthday even how much of a cheapskate he is.
    5. Unlike Squidward who screams at SpongeBob so much, he treats him as if he was actually his son, and tells him what's best for him (most of the time).
    6. His best quotes are:
      • "Hello, I like money" from the first movie;
      • "The money is always right" from "Krusty Krab Training Video";
      • "Ahoy" from various episodes;
      • "Have a Bowl Mr Squidward!" from Fried Chili Cheese Dog's SpongeBob videos
      • "OW! ME (Dolphin chirping) FOOT!" from "Sailor Mouth";
      • "I'll have your rear ends cut off, and mount it over me fire place!" from "Wet Painters";
      • "We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request" from "Krusty Towers";
      • "don't touch the THERMOSTAT" from "Krabs à la Mode";
      • and "Yes, Mummy" from "Mid-Life Crustacean".
    7. He gives SpongeBob and Patrick some best advice in episodes like Hooky and Sailor Mouth.
    8. He is excellent at beating his rival Plankton against any and all odds.
    9. He helped Squidward perform a band for the Bubble Bowl in Band Geeks.
    10. He sang a song duet with SpongeBob and about how much he missed him, and even cared in Welcome to the Chum Bucket.
    11. He helped decorate SpongeBob's house for his birthday in SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout.

    Intentional Greedy Qualities

    1. He has been noticeably flanderized during Season 6 to 10, with his obsession for money becoming his main character trait. He also became very psychopathic, arrogant, and sadistic, in particular in the infamous episode One Coarse Meal. In Seasons 9 & 10, he still had yet to redeem himself although he was more tolerable in these seasons. Thankfully, he has managed to recover from his Flanderization and is now decent again as of season 11.
    2. Even before and after season 6-10, his greed can get the best of him in episodes like Krabby Land, Born Again Krabs, Jellyfish Hunter, Whale Watching, and The Krusty Slammer.
    3. HE SOLD SPONGEBOB'S SOUL TO THE FLYING DUTCHMAN FOR 62 CENTS. You know you've done something wrong when it's Squidward Tentacles of all the characters in the show is the one to point that out to you.
    4. He can be extremely rude to Squidward and even SpongeBob at times, with "Clams" being an example.



    • In a theory based on SpongeBob and his friends representing "The 7 Deadly Sins", Mr. Krabs is considered to be the "Greed" as several examples were shown in many episodes that always shows how much he loves so much for his money, even in the most ridiculous and silliest ways possible.


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