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    Maxeeno Manervolkan
    Maxeeno Manervolkan full body.jpg
    I am a guy with magmatic attitude or, as I like to call it... MAGMATUDE!!!!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Heroic Mischiefmaker
    Adventurous Thrillseeker
    Age: 12
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Wildman Maxeeno

    Maxeeno Manervolkan is the titular main protagonist of the WEBTOON webcomic, Wildman Maxeeno.

    Why He Is Magmatic

    1. His ambition of becoming a wildman to have exciting adventures and exploring the world is relatable.
    2. He has his funny moments, such as when he teases his older brother Danasur.
    3. He is compassionate, as he saves an injured puppy and take it home to take care of his wounds.
    4. He is highly capable of heroism, as he saves his friend Radite from Principal Strickweb from killing him.
    5. His adventurous, mischievous and energetic demeanor makes an entertaining character.
    6. He has high integrity, as he is willing to pay $1900 Principal Strickweb for unintentionally destroying his car with fireworks.
    7. His use of his volcanic powers is rather creative, as he creates a magmatic bullet out of his right index finger.
    8. He has a sense of responsibility, as he helps his Aunt Dandelion around the house by delivering papers.
    9. His design is awesome.

    Bad Qualities

    1. While he is certainly a likable and kindhearted kid, Maxeeno can be incredibly mischievous and stubborn to the point of being rebellious.
    2. He can sometimes be impulsive and reckless.
      • While he was justified in punching Principal Strickweb, given that the latter is choking Radite, the fact that Maxeeno punched the principal without hesitation shows how unconcerned he is with the consequences of his actions.
    3. Maxeeno can sometimes be hedonistic and selfish.
      • While his ambition of living a wild and free life is sympathetic, giving his childhood hardships, it is nonetheless a self-serving goal.

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