Marissa Benson (iCarly Revival)

Marissa Benson
2021 Marissa.png
"Who's ready for a slumber party?"
Gender: Female
Type: Nicer and friendly woman
Age: 58
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Mary Scheer
Status: Alive
Media of origin: iCarly (2021-present)

Marissa Benson, commonly known as Mrs. Benson, is a character from the iCarly franchise. She is the mother of Freddie Benson, and the adopted grandmother of Millicent Mitchell. She had redeemed herself in the 2021 iCarly revival.

iWhy She Rocks Now

  1. She has become a more responsible and tolerable mom and grandma since the original series ended and her Sam & Cat appearance. (Even if she still overprotects Freddie.)
  2. As shown in episode 8, "iLove Gwen", she is more nice to Carly and Spencer.
  3. She still loves her family, mainly her son Freddie and her granddaughter Millicent, very much.
  4. She still has her funny moments, like still having a flip phone instead of an advanced phone, and when she shushed Freddie and Gwen, not wanting them to interrupt Millicent’s play.
  5. Mary Scheer still does a great job playing as her.

iBad Qualities

  1. She was underused in season 1 as she only appeared in 2 episodes of the show.
  2. She did not have a good start in the original series.


  • As mentioned in BQ#1, she only appeared twice in the first season of the revival, but Miranda Cosgrove hopes that Mrs Benson will appear more times in the second season.
    • Mrs. Benson appears in 5 out of the 10 episodes in season two.


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