Ermintrude (The Magic Roundabout)

"There's nothing like opera for breaking the ice."
Gender: Female
Type: Matronly Opera-singing Cow
Species: Cow
Portrayed by: Joanna Lumley (2005 film; UK)
Whoopi Goldberg (US redub)
Emma Tate (2007 revival series)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Magic Roundabout

Ermintrude (Azalée in French) is one of the main characters from The Magic Roundabout. She is a cheery opera-singing cow who lives with Dougal and his friends in the Enchanted Gardens.

Why She's Ermintrude

  1. She is very cheerful, adorable and matronly cow who is very fond of opera singing.
  2. Her design is great and adorable, particularly with her signature blue hat. Even when her character design is modified in the 2005 CGI film and the 2007 revival series.
  3. Her high-note singing talent becomes important in the 2005 film where she shatters the ice on the Magic Roundabout to free those who are trapped in there.
  4. She is seen munching on a flower which is one of her trademark traits.
  5. She even helps Dylan to defeat the skeletons in the temple in the 2005 film. And later does the same when placing one of the three diamonds into their slots on the roundabout.
  6. She is quite helpful to her friends to get them out of situations in the original series and the revival series.
    • In "Let's Go Fly a Kite", she uses her kite to rescue Dougal, Dylan and Brian who are stuck on the windmill roof.
    • In "Interior Des-aster", after accidentally wrecking the interior of Brian's house, Ermintrude makes it up to the snail by redecorating his interior while he stays at Florence's house.
    • In "Mr. Rusty's Luck", when Mr. Rusty becomes nervous of placing the magic gasket in the Magic Roundabout without his lucky teddy, she is one of the people who reassures him that he can do it and that he didn't need his lucky teddy when he fixes things, giving him enough confidence to place in the magic gasket in the roundabout.
  7. She has her funny moments in the original series and in the 2005 film where her opera concert was suddenly becomes a rock concert.
  8. Her relationship with her friends are just adorable where she calls them "dearhearts".
    • She and Dougal are good friends despite him constantly making fun of her and being initially frightened of her, to the point of hiding in the train van or climbing up a tree during their first meetings.
    • She is also good friends with Florence because they are both generally pleasant. Ermintrude may turn to Florence for help in some episodes which she always does to help a friend in need.
    • For Brian, Ermintrude has a bit of a crush on him in the 2007 revival series, where Brian himself had a crush on her in the 2005 film, which she didn't take notice until the ending of the film.
    • For Dylan, they seem to share the same passion for music, despite both of them liking different genres, and they also share similar artistic talents with painting as a example.
  9. Actress Joanna Lumley did an amazing job voicing her in the 2005 film.
    • Emma Tate also did a remarkable job voicing the character in the 2007 revival series.

Bad Qualities

  1. In some episodes of the 2007 revival series, she can sometimes be unlikeable where she is acting arrogant or bossy.
    • In "The Cow in the Hat", due to the influence of wearing the bossy hat, Ermintrude's personality was changed into being a strict traffic warden type person who disallows activates the others find fun. She even treated Dougal as a butt-monkey where she slaps ticket fines on his face.
    • In "Mirror, Mirror", thanks to Zebedee tampering with her mirror by making it the magic mirror, Ermintrude let this go over her head and invites her friends over to her tower where she acts rather vain and brags about her beauty and the magic mirror.
  2. She got flanderized in the American version of the 2005 film where she has a sassy personality (similar to that of her US dub actress Whoopi Goldberg) and expresses her annoyance with Dougal's laziness.


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