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    Ella Pahkitew Island.png

    Ella Total DramaRama.png

    "♪ My time on the show is finished and done, but that's not to say I didn't have fuuuun. ♪"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Fairy tale princess
    Age: 16 (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
    4 (Total DramaRama; alternate universe)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Sunday Muse
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Ella is a character from the Total Drama franchise. She was a teenage contestant in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, and is the nicest and likable character thereof. She returned as an alternate universe child in the Total DramaRama episodes "Dissing Cousins" and the credits of "Stingin' in the Rain", as the cousin of Gwen.

    Why She Rocks

    1. She’s one of the Pahkitew Island contestants that were actually likable.
    2. She is the most nicest person during the season, as she rarely gets mad (only once or twice), and hardly makes any enemies (she doesn’t even see Sugar as an enemy), and while she declares Chris and Max as her enemies, she doesn’t outright show her hate for them, and is still very nice.
    3. She has a beautiful singing voice, it’s very pleasant to listen too, that almost everyone in the show, including the animals, likes her, and even gets the animals to help her at times, even saving her from falling to her doom.
    4. She doesn’t mind her more annoying teammates, which were Beardo, Leonard, and Sugar, as she befriends Leonard, never makes Beardo her enemy, and tries to befriend Sugar.
    5. She also gets along with some of her more better teammates, which are Dave (before and after he got flanderized), Sky, and Shawn.
    6. She likes to help in anyway she can to others, such as saving Dave from a bear by calming it down with her singing.
    7. She’s one of the good members of her team:
      • In episode 1, she helped the team build their possible shelter, even if it was Leonard’s stupid idea.
      • In episode 2, she got her team’s pig across the grease tires during the challenge by singing to it.
      • In episode 4, she was telling the truth about wanting to be friends with Sugar, which would have gotten her team a point had Sugar not intervened. Thankfully, she was the one that ultimately won it for her team during the final dare, as she easily untied her bag and got the other team’s shock remote out. While she didn’t press it, due to her kind nature, Clucky the chicken ended up pressing it for her and Chris decided to accept that, much to Ella’s relief.
      • In episode 5, she sang to calm Scuba Bear, and when Chris tried to have it attack her, it went after him instead, and then she safely got her team a dueling stick during the challenge.
      • In episode 6, she sang to the bear which freed Dave, and led him to the vending machine, as the bear had the monkey who had the coin.
    8. She has some funny moments, like how she picked up a bucket of glitter in "So, Uh This Is My Team?", and when she drew a smiley face on her balloon in "Twinning Isn't Everything".
    9. She was a good friend to almost everyone, mainly to Shawn, Dave, and Sky, and easily got used to their weirdness and work together with them.
    10. While she did have a short-lived crush on Dave (developed in the last episode he was a good character), she didn’t get jealous when Dave revealed that she likes Sky (in the episode where he was flanderized), and while she got heartbroken, she just showed sadness, and calmly told Sky she was the one that captured his heart, much to Sky’s happiness.
    11. Her goodbye song is nice to listen to and, given how Chris shoots her off as she sings the last word, is poignant in displaying how she was one of the nicest contestants (if not the nicest) in comparison to several others.
    12. Ella retuned as an alternate universe child in Total DramaRama, as the cousin of Gwen, which was nice, mainly the episodes "Dissing Cousins", where she still retains her happy personality for most of the episode, as well as the credits of "Stingin' in the Rain", in which she had the animals help clean up the classroom.
    13. Her design as a child and teenager are both absolutely adorable, and the most cutest in the season and spin-off.
    14. Her dragon design in Total DramaRama, while scary looking, is passable.
    15. Sunday Muse does an AMAZING job voicing her, in both Pahkitew Island, and when she reprised her role in Total DramaRama.

    Bad Qualities

    1. She could be considered a butt-monkey, mainly due to Sugar’s torturing her depsite Ella trying to be friends with her, and because of Sugar, she was unfairly eliminated due to singing, and Chris was a part of that unfair elimination. She was also a butt-monkey in Total DramaRama, as Gwen came up with ways to make her mad, such as making messes. It eventually worked when Max (Owen’s cousin in this spin-off), finally broke her cool.
    2. Sadly, she did not return in the finale of Pahkitew Island. While her goodbye song in "Mo Monkey, Mo Problems" is admittedly nice, it's unfortunate that her character was shot away as she was singing and never returned given that she was one of the best out of a bunch of characters that predominantly ranged from decent or mediocre to just completely bad or flanderized.
    3. Her alternate universe child self (while still very likable) was slightly flanderized in the spin-off, where she will turn into a dragon if she gets too mad, and shows a few signs of anger when things go wrong, until Max pulled the breaking point, and she began to terrorize everything in sight until Gwen calmed her down after Max fled. She also runs away before Chef could catch her, getting away from being punished, thus making her a karma houdini. This could be because she was a butt-monkey for most of the episode, this could even it out for the unfair torture she got.


    • Ella is one of five contestants with the ability to communicate with animals, the others being Izzy, Dawn, Bridgette and Ennui.
    • Ella is one of four contestants to leave in an episode in which her team wins the challenge, along with DJ, Izzy, and Anne Maria. In her case, she was disqualified.
    • Ella is one of two characters to wear gloves as part of her default outfit, the other being Crimson.
    • Ella parodies the stereotypical Disney princess, since like them she loves to sing songs at random moments, and loves the animals. Her design resembles that of Snow White, her name is a reference to Cinderella, and her outfit is based on Cinderella's original ball gown with Sleeping Beauty's color scheme.
      • In addition, the scene where Dave puts her shoe back on in "A Blast from the Past" is a parody of the famous glass slipper scene in Cinderella.


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