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    Chester McBadbat (The Fairly OddParents)

    Chester McBadbat
    Chester pic.png
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lower Class Boy
    Age: 10 (main series)
    23 (live-action movies)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Frankie Muniz (Seasons 1-3)
    Jason Marsden (Seasons 3-8)
    Greg Cipes ("Dimmsdale Tales"; uncredited)
    Chris Anderson (Live Action Films)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Fairy OddParents

    "Chester McBadbat" is one of the secondary characters in The Fairly OddParents. He is a lower-class boy and one of Timmy Turner's two best friends along with A.J. Like Timmy and the rest of his friends, Chester is considered very unpopular. As his last name suggests, he and his father Bucky McBadbat are terrible at baseball. He lives in a trailer park near A.J.'s mansion.

    Why He Is A Good Lower Class Boy

    1. He doesn't care what people think of him, he just loves to be himself.
    2. He and A.J. are almost always seen together in their appearances on the show.
    3. Although him and A.J. got in a disagreement over comic book heroes in the episode "Sleepover and Over" and had a fight, refusing to see each other, things were back to normal between them at the end. Also, they worked together (despite A.J. pushing him off the desk in a level and Chester getting mad and wanting revenge) in the video game in "Power Mad!".
    4. In the special episode "The Big Superhero Wish!", when Timmy wished for everyone to have super powers, Chester became "The Matter Muncher Lad." His super power were his braces, which had drills that could cut through anything. His catchphrase was saying "Munch" over and over again.
    5. In the television movie "Fairy Idol", Chester played a pivotal role when Norm the Genie became his "godparent". Chester and his family were in danger of losing their house (the only reason it hadn't been taken away already was because their house is a trailer and they can stay on the move) and Chester was deemed miserable enough to receive help from a magical being. Norm was able to trick Chester into causing Timmy to lose his fairies, but Chester was able to get everything back to normal by using his last genie wish (after Norm was turned back into a genie).
    6. An adult Chester appears in "Channel Chasers" in the bad future in which the world had been taken over and destroyed by Vicky. He is seen flying on a hover board firing at a masked man (later revealed to be Future Timmy). He is muscular and very serious which is the exact opposite of his 10-year-old character, although he still wears his braces which he never got taken off, but were off in the movie (likely because Vicky destroyed most of the world), and they are able to deflect his enemy's laser shots. The clothing he wears has his name and a code on it, resembling a prison uniform, so it's possible that he was held captive by Vicky for many years alongside with A.J. and forced into hard labor, explaining his change of character and physique.
    7. "The Big Scoop!" is the only episode in the entire series that exclusively focuses on both him and A.J. while Timmy is a minor character.
    8. He is decently voiced by Frankie Muniz in the first two seasons and early Season 3, followed by Jason Marsden, who also decently voiced him.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He has a lot of unfunny gross-out humor surrounding him. For instance, due to the fact that he and his family are poor, he is often seen eating out of garbage, or food that had been dropped on the ground. His family is being described as so poor, they wash their paper plates in the sink, and Chester's dad is almost always seen sitting on a toilet in plain sight of everyone (there is no bathroom).
    2. He can be obnoxious, crazy, and unreliable at times.
    3. His live-action film counterpart and portrayal isn't that good.
    4. Alongside A.J. and a majority of the secondary characters, he kind of hardly appears in the show starting in season 6 (or Season 7) onward, and eventually got reduced to non-speaking background cameos, saved for one line recorded by Greg Cipes in "Dimmsdale Tales" from Season 9 and being heard screaming by his current voice actor in "Birthday Battle", his last speaking appearance.


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