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    Bunny (Dibo the Gift Dragon)

    Revision as of 14:00, 23 March 2023 by SpicyDiss (talk | contribs)
    "It's all about the great, beautiful, cute, pretty, and a shining star, with pretty hoppy feet, did I mention cute? Pretty pink Bunny!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Relatable Popular Girl
    Species: Rabbit
    Portrayed by: Cindy Robinson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dibo The Gift Dragon

    Bunny is the one of the main characters of Dibo The Gift Dragon. She is a pretty pink bunny and often has the personality of a popular school girl.

    Why She's A Pretty Pink Bunny

    1. Bunny is understandable most of the time. For example, she acted narcissistic in the beginning of "Mirror, Mirror", but near the end of the episode, she apologized to everyone for her how she behaved.
    2. She is shown to care for her friends' health, such as in the episodes "Keeping Clean", "Elo Catches A Cold", and "Oliver's Dream Trouble".
    3. She is also shown to be a grateful and wonderful friend.
    4. Despite Bunny's himedere attitude, she admitted that she would rather play with her friends instead of being a princess, as shown in the episode "Princess For A Day".
    5. She is funny as well, as shown in some episodes like "Starry Night" and "Amazing Annie".
    6. She is able to learn lessons easily and has a conscience
    7. She is also shown to have flaws like the rest of her friends.
    8. Her design is cute and fitting for those who like pink.
    9. Cindy Robinson did an amazing job voicing her.

    Not-So-Pretty Qualities

    1. In some episodes, she can sometimes be selfish, bratty, and impatient.
    2. She has poor musical skills, as shown in the episode "Singing in Pain".
    3. At times she can be a bit unlikable (although that's intentional).
      • She was also REALLY unlikable in "Princess For A Day", as she treats her friends more like slaves than friends, until she realized what she was doing was wrong.
    4. She can be judgy and manipulative at times.
    5. She is scary sometimes, especially when she wears yells.


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