Andrea (The Oz Kids)

Andrea (The Oz Kids)
Andrea (The Oz Kids).jpg
Gender: Female
Type: The Young Witch with Femineity
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: The Oz Kids

Andrea is the daughter of Glinda the Good Witch of the South and the supporting character in The Oz Kids franchise. Unlike Dot Hugson, a tomboyish farmgirl who loves hanging out with boys, having fun and interested in boyish hobbies (including getting dirty, playing video games and riding horses.), Andrea is a girly witch, who enjoys cleaning, and anything else girly (including fashions and her dolls).

Andrea is quite beautiful and very aware of it. She is not a witch but is a character always in conflict—she has magic abilities but isn't always certain how best to use them. Andrea is confident of her powers and likes to use them to her advantage. She is the least adept socially of the group and, often, she feels excluded from their activities When she feels excluded, she often retaliates with some sort of magical prank.

Andrea is a troublemaker but, at heart, really only wants to feel included. When pressed, Andrea is able to use her magic to help the group out of a mix-up which, more likely than not, she was the cause of. Her outfit is similar to Ozma. Relies more on her magic than her brains, but when she can't resort to her wand, she puts her mind to work.

Why She Rocks

  1. She was very gentle, classy and wealthy.
  2. Her dress, similar to Princess Ozma, completely fits her femineity.
  3. She was the tidiest young witch, as she always cleaned up and not get herself dirty.
  4. She enjoys more girly hobbies including her dolls, tea, fashions, and fairytales.
  5. Unlike Dot Hudson, who had her pet dog, she has her pet kitten.
  6. Her very cute character design.
  7. Her relationship with Frank.
  8. She was very femineity, like her mother Glinda.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Despite being a girly girl, she is an absolute troublemaker.


  • She's the most feminine character in The Oz Kids franchise when she was compared with a tomboyish farmgirl, Dot Hugson.


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